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    Gerald Celente--Time To Take Charge! #3105

    in Finance

    Gerald Celente believes that the current crisis present us all with tremendous opportunities. There's a limit to how much any of us can control external events, so we must work on ourselves first and stop worrying about the powers that be. Be aware, but invest in yourself and get the most out of life. Gerald is holding another of his noteworthy conferences The Ontrendpreneur where he will focus on helping you to become an Ontrendpreneur™ - a savvy, innovative entrepreneur seizing the vast opportunities that the Big Box, merger/acquisition-crazed world missed or nixed. It's all any of us has. 

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    David Dayen's Chain of Title- A Great Literary Example of the Great Recession

    in Finance

    Chain of Title by David Dayen.  How Three Ordinary Americans Uncovered Wall Street's Great Foreclosure Fraud.
    Salon and recent recipient of the Ida and Studs Terkel Prize, Author David Dayen joins Neil Garfield tonight on the Neil Garfield Show.  David Dayen will share insights on his book Chain of Title that was released last week.  This will be one of Neil’s most interesting guests.
    The book, Chain of Title, explores the lives of three ordinary Florida residents facing foreclosure that decided to take on the ominous ‘Foreclosure Machine’ that includes powerful banks, biased courts and delivers few slivers of justice.
    In the depths of the Great Recession, a cancer nurse, a car dealership worker, and an insurance fraud specialist helped uncover the largest consumer crime in American history—a scandal that implicated dozens of major executives on Wall Street. They called it foreclosure fraud: millions of families were kicked out of their homes based on false evidence by mortgage companies that had no legal right to foreclose.
    Lisa Epstein, Michael Redman, and Lynn Szymoniak did not work in government or law enforcement. They had no history of anticorporate activism. Instead they were all foreclosure victims, and while struggling with their shame and isolation they committed a revolutionary act: closely reading their mortgage documents, discovering the deceit behind them, and building a movement to expose it.
    David Dayen recounts how these ordinary Floridians challenged the most powerful institutions in America armed only with the truth—and for a brief moment they brought the corrupt financial industry to its knees.

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    The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

    in Business

    How do you earn a living as an artist? Let's talk about the pleasures and the pitfalls of choosing to be an artist in the U.S. This episode will either have you running to apply to the art festivals all across the country or running the other way, fast!
    Our guests are Floridians Toni and Jay Mann who have been creating fun and functional claywork and selling it at art festivals for a long time (20 or 30 years, I'd guess).  If they haven't had a lifetime of adventures in the art fair business and been in every town east of the Mississippi I don't know who has.
    Also joining us are Craig and Sara Roderick, photographers from Alabama. Their desire to find a market for their work, American Road Trip Photography, brought them to the shows just a year ago.
    It should be fun to hear the contrast between the stories of the veterans and those new to the business. What is the best part? What is the worst? and OMG what did that patron just say about your work and what did its dog do to your booth?
    We want to hear from you. Call in because we want to hear your stories also. 

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    The Thrill Is Gone 4 African American Women: CTSHOW - 323-642-1084

    in Real Estate

    Tonight on Tiny House Village Radio we are proud to present Charles Tyler and the Charles Tyler Show. Charles is an expert on International Travel, International Dating, & International Living. If you are looking for new life experiences or learn how to develop a dynamic life in the romance department or maybe just learn a new language this is the LIVE STREAM podcast for you.
    Call into our LIVE STREAM number @ 323-642-1084.
    Call in with all of your questions comments, or concerns............and if you have any experiences please share those weith use as well.

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    Brilliance in Commerce - Episode 07

    in Legal

    Examining the possibilities of using cyber currencies to bridge the gap between the time of old paradigm banks, and our Golden Age of Creation.

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    BOE Report Podcast Episode 2

    in Business

    On this episode, the BOE Report team discusses the debate on climate change as well as our thoughts on Donald J. Trump and what his presidency would mean to Alberta and Canada.

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    Heart-Centered Leadership: Leading & Living Well

    in Business

    Encouraging emotional connections between managers and employees is the key to better performance and improved employee engagement. Join us as we discuss leadership and the seven principles of Heart-Centered Leadership with co-author Susan Steinbrecher. Heart-Centered Leadership is centered on the concept that ethical leadership must start from within; it's based on seven principles that promote trust, authenticity, caring and transparency.

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    Optometry helping the homeless?

    in Entrepreneur

    Optometry helping the homeless?

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    Parent Defense Attorney (with Diana Rugh Johnson)

    in Jobs

    The American justice system is quite a paradox.  It’s a beacon of hope and justice for anyone accused of crime in America.  On the other hand, it can be a big and complex world that swallows the accused up without much thought to reformation and rehabilitation.  No one knows more about this dichotomy than defense attorneys, and perhaps no defense attorney knows this more than a parent defense attorney.  Parent attorneys are charged with the difficult task of defending parents accused of abuse and neglect, and helping them get their children back.  As you might imagine, many people find these parents to be indefensible, guilty before proven innocent.  Today’s guest Diana explains why they do indeed deserve defense, and how the justice system is reforming to put families first. 

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    Do You Need a HR System? What Leaders Need to Know

    in Business

    HR Happy Hour 246- Do You Need a HR System? What Leaders Need to Know
    Hosts: Steve Boese, Trish McFarlane
    First, Steve and Trish are THRILLED to welcome our new partner and sponsor, Virgin Pulse to the HR Happy Hour show!  Virgin Pulse, part of Sir Richard Branson’s Virgin Group, designs technology that cultivates good lifestyle habits for your employees. Please visit them at www.VirginPulse.com for more information.  
    This week on the HR Happy Hour Show, Steve and Trish talked with Dave Fiacco, President and COO of PeopleStrategy. As President and Chief Operating Officer of PeopleStrategy, David Fiacco sets the bar high and ensures the company upholds its promise to deliver exceptional solutions coupled with extraordinary service.
    Dave talked with us about a topic that leaders everywhere struggle with.  Do you need a HR system?  Do you need to upgrade your system?  If so, how do you know and what are the steps?  Some of the issues we tackled on the show:
    -What considerations should HR think about during the process of moving from using Excel or other home grown tools to an actual HR system?
    -How do HR leaders (or other leaders) decide if a suite or point solution is what they need?
    -How does the type of solution you choose tie into pricing?
    Remember to download and subscribe the the HR Happy Hour on iTunes, or using your favorite podcast app for iOS or Android - just search for 'HR Happy Hour' to never miss an episode.

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    Make Money NOW with BPO's

    in Real Estate

    BPO’s are an incredible tool for success in the marketplace!  While other agents in your office are turning their noses up at the nominal compensation, they are missing a gold mine.  Broker Price Opinions are not only a fantastic way to become an expert on pricing in your market, they offer you the opportunity to know which homes are on their way to short sale or foreclosure – giving you the edge in being the agent to take them as your listing!  Did you know that some agents have built an entire secondary income stream from BPO’s?  Whether you’re new to the business or a seasoned veteran, you can pump up your piggybank by jumping on this opportunity!
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