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  • Business Builder: Set Goals & Training Call

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    Set your AdvoCare business goals and receive training with Double Diamond Distributor, Wayne Johnson. Be sure to check in every week to hear about upcoming events online and in your local area. 

  • Daily Coaching Call

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    Award-winning real estate coaches Tim & Julie Harris discuss real estate news & events, take listener calls, and provide coaching advice based on 20 years of experience as real estate top-producers and coaches. The "Daily Coaching" airs weekdays at 12pm Pacific Time, and reaches tens of thousands of real estate agents across the United States.
     Take Action: Schedule a Free 1-on-1 Coaching Call or Visit Tim & Julie Harris® Real Estate Coaching

  • Meet Liz Raymond - Founder of Single Parenting for Success.

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    Liz knows the challenges of single parenting first hand. This experience has inspired her to create a support community for single parents. Learn more about her story and this dynamic organzation.

  • Get it Real Time: Marketers Strive to Serve Content to Order

    in Marketing

    Today’s customers live, work and play in a real-time world. They get the content they want, whenever they want, on whatever devices are convenient to them at that time. And yet many marketing teams remain locked around old-school campaign calendars, led by internal processes and procedures that made sense in 1980. Web personalization and marketing automation were the top two top-of mind areas where surveyed, suggesting the critical need to shrink the lag between customer action and brand reaction. So how do marketers honor the customers’ preferences versus getting them to do something if and when they don’t want to ..or aren’t ready to do it?
    Additional References:
    Buying Process Acceleration – http://mopartners.com/consulting/alignment/buying-process-acceleration/
    Customer Profitability – http://mopartners.com/consulting/agility/customer-profitability/
    Blog Post –

  • Maimah Karmo Enterprises - This is a Woman On A Mission, On the Show Live

    in Entrepreneur

    President and CEO of Tigerlily Foundation
    Tigerlily Foundation is a 501c3 non-profit breast cancer foundation that is dedicated to educating, advocating for, empowering and proving hands-on support to young women affected by breast cancer. Founded by a young survivor, Tigerlily Foundation provides chemobuddies, financial assistance, meals, empowerment and more.
    Publisher of Bliss Magazine
    Bliss Magazine is a quarterly digital publication that is a resource for women and men. As a lifestyle magazine, with a global reach, it provide feature stories that focus on inspiring readers to live their best life. Bliss Magazine delivers content that supports readers in their emotional, intellectual and spiritual growth. It will inspire to you uncover the parts of you that are hidden, set free the parts that you need let go, and encourage you to live a life with more authenticity, clarity and joy. 
    President, Capable Words Capable Words is a proposal consulting firm that provides proposal support to small, mid-sized and large businesses. Capable Words is led by a seasoned Senior Proposal Manager, with more than 14 years experience helping small, mid and large businesses win government contracts. Successfully supported a variety of Government agencies. Proposal support services include: proposal management, writing and the ability to provide support staff to augment proposal needs.
    Each issue will provide information on spiritual, mental, emotional enhancement, including stories, tools, resources and educational articles. The stories will help give readers a connection with those who have travelled along similar paths. Visit at www.pureblissmag.com. 
    Author, Fearless: Awakening to My Life's Purpose Through Breast Cancer, This memoir is about my journey with breast cancer and how the challenges I experienced propelled me towards my life's true purpose.

  • Sepsis Chat - Sepsis Survivor lives to share story of being shot by an SKS.

    in Social Networking

    Judy Johnson Jeter joins #SepsisChat to share her near death experience after surviving Septic Shock due to an SKS gunshot wound.  We will be on twitter using the hashtag #SepsisChat.  Thursday, July 24, 1PM EST.  Excited to host our first "on the air" show.

  • Easy Speed Pay

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    Coming..... soon!

  • Internet Service Providers support Computer character assassination!

    in Social Networking

    Using the Internet posting "anonymous" nicknames to slander and defame people that one does not like or agree with their beliefs or a political stance should not be tolerated. There needs to be a"criteria" clause established and maintained regarding respect of persons. If a person took the approach of slandering or defaming another person in public or the workplace — this would be considered "harassment" and liable under defamation laws resulting in lawsuits, and it should be inappropriate behavior on the computer as well. I am talking about personal attacks here. When many people are void of respecting others, sometimes restrictions pertaining to code of ethics and conduct have to be established. Search engines such as Google, MSN, etc. allow defamatory content to be listed in their engines without anyone effectively overseeing or monitoring "abusive" practices. The people who (intentionally) set up blog boards to defame others should be held accountable for the content. Posting a feeble "we are not responsible for the content of the posts" is irresponsible and should be liable. We should all have a responsibility to show good taste and set examples. Oftentimes, underage teens participate in inflammatory conduct on the web, without their parents being any the wiser of their slanderous activity. The bill sponsored by Biondi would also put the burden of compensatory and punitive damages along with lawyer and court costs on the shoulders of Internet Service Providers. The bill would also require an operator of any interactive computer service or Internet provider to establish, maintain, and enforce a policy where those posting messages on a public forum website must be identified through legal names and addresses.   

  • Franchise Web Portals - Behind the Scenes with Eric Bell

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    Everyone who investigates franchising today ends up on the internet looking for information.  During your exploration, you will discover a number of websites that are 100% dedicated to providing vast amounts of information on franchising in a highly professional format.  These websites are commonly referred to as ‘franchising web portals’ and in this month’s podcast we are privileged to have the CEO of one of the most important web portals – Franchise Gator's Eric Bell – as our guest.  If you are interested in learning more about how to use these sites more effectively or simply have questions to that you would like to ask, please join us for this fascinating topic.
    About Rick Bisio's Franchise Focus
    Rick Bisio's Franchise Focus is a weekly podcast devoted to exploring key issues in franchising.   Co-hosts Rick Bisio and Graham Chapman interview industry leaders (franchisees, franchisors, service providers, media members, etc.) who share powerful advice related to successful franchise ownership.
    Bisio, the Amazon-best selling author of the Educated Franchisee and a leading consultant for FranChoice, is dedicated to helping Franchise Focus listeners realize their dreams of business ownership.  Listeners are encourage to take advantage of the following resources as part of their due diligence process:
    Rick's A Franchise Coach website The Educated Franchisee Book The Educated Franchisee website The FDD Exchange The Glossary of Franchise Terms

  • Neil Garfield Show on Foreclosure Defense

    in Finance

    Free information, interviews, with national experts and attorneys relating to foreclosure defense, forensic reviews, securitization of debt and related consumer topics hosted by Neil F Garfield, attorney, expert witness and former investment banker. Neil is the editor and chief reporter for the largest internet site providing free information and forms for lawyers, litigants and government officials at www.livinglies.wordpress.com.

  • Apriori Beauty Radio - conversation with Candace Dye

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    ***This is a rebroadcast of an interview first aired on Entrepreneurial Women Radio*** Apriori Beauty’s favorite business coach and mentor Sharon Michaels visits Apriori Beauty Radio to guest host and speak with Founder and Executive Director, Candace Dye.  What do you think of when you hear “Customer Service?”  How do you feel when that one employee goes the extra mile with assistance, leaving you feel extra special as a customer?  As Consultants, it’s important to make Clients aware of how appreciative we are of them and be there when they need our help or have a question.  In this special episode, Candace examines the significance of exceptional customer service and how it’s become the cornerstone for her successful Apriori Beauty business.       

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