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  • Non-Profit Cont'd info/Follow Up on Shield 616

    in Entrepreneur

    ?This week on #TheNetworkingDivaHour, hear more info on the continued Non-Profit Summer Series. Also a follow up on SHIELD616 that we brought to you last week. With all that is happening in the world today we would like to hear your thoughts.  This is open for anyone who wants to call in or email or chat to voice their opinion.  We have covered several non-profits in the month of July and we want to recap as well as remind everyone the importance of helping all local Police Officers!!     
    This week the guest can be you and your suggestions on what we can do as a whole to stop the violence!!

  • Big Wheels & High Heels: IXT Trucking Keeps Things Moving Around the Globe.

    in Entrepreneur

    Karen Duff, President, and CEO of International Express Trucking or IXT  sees a need, meets it and then exceeds it. As the head of IXT since 1993, she continues to explore ways to make the company bigger and better. Today, IXT continues to be the largest women-owned intermodal drayage business within the six-state Midwest region.
    Duff and IXT's Vice President of Operations, Martha Schmidt on this episode of Smart Companies - KC, visit with host Kelly Scanlon to talk about the business that physically encompasses 13 acres in the Fairfax district in Kansas City, Kansas with more than 70 drivers. IXT has long-term committed partnerships with Hallmark Cards, Harley Davidson, Brookstone Stores, Expeditors International and Russell Stover Candies
    Discover how it all started more than 16 years ago, and find out what Duff credits to her continued growth and success.
    To hear more shows with host Kelly Scanlon, please visit our archives.

  • Law of Attraction and Personal Growth and Goals

    in Business

    Like most people, you set goals all the time, but you rarely realize them. Many people, for instance, commit themselves to a particular New Year's resolution, but do not ever follow through. You may be guilty of this, too. If you have an interest in changing this - in finding a way to assure that you accomplish your goals - then the Law of Attraction can be a life-changer.Why is this? Because the LoA is all about goals and achievement. It contains a well-known truth: that the difference between those who succeed and those who fail is often a very slim margin. The ones who succeed were willing to stay with a goal for just a little bit longer; and the ones who failed gave in. 

  • 7 Thing You Need to Know BEFORE You Call Your Prospect

    in Business

    Did you know cold calls don't have to be cold?
    On this week's episode of Black Belt Selling, Anna and Stephanie will be talking about one of the most important steps most sales people neglect when they start cold calling: doing research!
    Fear of the unknown prevents a lot of people from calling someone for the first time, and in today's episode you will discover how to get past your fear with a little preparation. After today's show, you will
    know what your clients want you to know before you speak with them know the research you can do to get ahead of your competition. hear how to set an agenda for your call Important information for any one who relies on conversations with a customer to get them to buy!
    Join us for this no nonsense episode of Black Belt Selling

  • Marketing Pulpit - DC (MPI-DC)

    in Marketing

    Tune in to Ray Raysor, host of Sight ‘n Vision Disability and Senior Talk Radio, which airs each Friday at 3:00PM (EST).  Ray, who has been blind for over fifty years, brings professional and personal experiences to those who actively live with a disability and senior citizens who may experience age-related limitations.
    Sight ‘n Vision Disability & Senior Talk Radio Is Licensed Through The Marketing Pulpit International.

  • Cincinnati Business Talk #263 Jack Scott-Sam Schutte-YP & Rotary 2016

    in Business

    Learn what is new about Rotary for Young Professionals.
    Cincinnati Business Talk highlights the positive side of Cincinnati area businesses. We will be talking to CEOs who have won awards and had great success.
    Today's guests are Jack Scott, President of Cincinnati Roatary and Sam Schutte, CEO of Unstoppable Software. Jack has been in the Rotary Club for over 20 years.. They will share information about why Cincinnati Rotary is for Young Professionals.
    We will talk with Sam Shute and Jack about the Rotary "Wage Peace" Summit.
    The show will air live at 4 PM on Friday July 19th.  Listen to this link: http://tobtr.com/9098861
    You can listen to the show on Apple iTunes as a Podcast. You can add the podcast at:   http://www.blogtalkradio.com/Cincy-Business-talk.rss
    You can add Cincy-Business-Talk as an RSS feed to your Outlook email program. The exact feed http://www.blogtalkradio.com/Cincy-Business-talk.rss

  • Present, Speak and Perform, to Elevate and Resonate!

    in Business

    Join us today for Women Lead Radio as Debra Simpson, your host of Speaking With Influence, interviews Fia Fasbinder, CEO, Executive Speaker and Coach at The Moxie Institute. Fia discusses her proven techniques for becoming a speaker that captivates her audience and delivers not just a speech, but also a performance that will ignite your audience and be memorable. Fia knows that the power of a commanding presentation elevates your speech to a story. She shares her expertise and tips on speaking, presentation, and how to execute your body language in front of an on-air camera. Fia coaches TEDx speakers and will ask her about her successes and learning experience working with TED. Fia Fasbinder arms speakers with the tools to deliver killer presentations. With over 15 years of experience in public speaking, classroom instruction, and presentation skill development, Fia teaches speakers to communicate with confidence, clarity and credibility. With a theater degree from NYU and a Masters in Education, Fia is uniquely positioned to render and teach dramatic arts concepts to adult learners. Fia’s methodology helps speakers capture the hearts and minds of their listeners, ignite their communication skills to win results and take their next talk from boring to bravo. Debra Simpson is your host of Speaking With Influence, a show designed to showcase successful women who use speaking to amplify their message, build their influence to bring more business through the doors. In her business, she works with authors and speakers on strategies to give their message as large an audience as possible. Tune in and learn how to speak your way to success!

  • Joanna L Krotz: Being Equal Doesn't Mean Being the Same

    in Entrepreneur

    Our Guest: 
    Joanna L. Krotz is the author of Being Equal Doesn’t Mean Being the Same: Why Behaving Like a Girl Can Change Your Life and Grow Your Business, a call to action to women to become entrepreneurs to find parity, passion, purpose and prosperity. Krotz has been investigating the payoffs and challenges of small business owners, particularly women-led firms, for years. She’s interviewed hundreds of male and female entrepreneurs as a national magazine editor, online small business columnist and host of a Web radio show. Krotz blogs for Working Woman and The Huffington Post and has also contributed to Entrepreneur.com, MSN Small Business, Women 2.0, Town&Country and the New York Times. She frequently advocates for women's leadership, including as host of “Leveraging the Female Advantage” Webinar and as essayist of “Redefining Sex and Power: How Women Can Bankroll Change and Fund Their Future” and “Women’s Work: Paying It Forward.”
    Our Host: Svetlana Kim, author of White Pearl and I: A Memoir of a Political Refugee, co-author of The Last of the Four Musketeers: Allen Joe's Life and Friendship with Bruce Lee, Speaker, and Consultant. Visit her website at: svetlanakim.com

  • How to Prospect Successfully

    in Business

    Connie Kadansky is the Sales Call Reluctance Coach!  She helps salespeople get their "ask" in gear.  She will be interviewed by Kebba Buckley Button, MS. OM.  Kebba is a stress management expert and an award-winning author.
    Connie Kadansky is the President of Exceptional Sales Performance, an international sales training and coaching practice. She has a proven track record in diverse industries.  She was interviewed by Wall Street Journal, made a radio commercial for American Express and her solution to Call Reluctance was featured in two Inc. Magazine articles, along with Bloomberg Business and Investor’s Business Daily.  Connie combines her performance based and developmental based coaching with the 12 Week Year System!  
    http://www.exceptionalsales.com/12-week-year/  (virtual group coaching

  • Rachel Moore, Founder of Really Social

    in Business

    Rachel Moore is the Owner, Founder, & Chief Social Officer of Really Social, founded in 2015.
    Really Social may technically be a start-up, but their history in social media expertise and execution is well-established.
    They believe in helping good people do social media really well, and each new client and customer served brings them one post closer to their mission.
    She is also the host of #LetsLivestream, a twitter chat about live streaming.
    Rachel has been featured in media outlets including Social Media Examiner.
    Website: www.really.social
    Twitter: @rachel_really

  • Guest: Dale G. Caldwell, Strategic Influence, LLC.

    in Business

    Our guest shares their significant story behind being an entrepreneur, and lessons learned in their journey to achieving Significant Business Results. Hosted by "FranneTastic!" Franne McNeal, MBA, Significant Business Results Coach, Speaker, Author, Radio and TV Host.

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