• Tough Talk with Getting Real Communication

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    Tough Talk with Tony Gambone and his Guest Marwa Saleh & Janeen Sonsie
    Marwa Saleh is an Egyptian mother, manager and author who has been defined by others as doing too many things at the same time. However, this is what makes her unique, happy and fulfilled. She is moved by seeing people develop, grow and achieve their dreams that is why she decided to write this book. Marwa has been heading The Marketing Communications function at Microsoft Egypt for 7 years and is currently the Regional Marketing Manager for the L’azurde Group. This is the largest gold and diamond manufacturer / and exporter in the region. She has also been working as a part time trainer at Dale Carnegie Organization/ and still is. She delivers and facilitates the Dale Carnegie Course (DCC) or the DCS, Dale Carnegie Seminar which is the short version of it. This course helped impact individuals and organizations for over 80 years now. Marwa is a dynamic person who believes in her own dreams, in people and possibilities and has yet a lot to offer.
    Janeen Sonsie just loves helping women connect with their true self and express that with authenticity and power. It is beautiful to see them glow with confident happiness. You know the story? You’ve worked hard on your career, family and relationships … but lost yourself along the way. Something is missing from your life but you don’t know what it is. I was once there myself (see My Story below) and it was ME who was missing from my life.  The real, authentic, uncompromised me. So I know what it is like and how to take the journey from that place of frustrating lack of fulfillment to absolutely loving life again. http://www.getrealcommunication.com

  • Franchise Interviews Meets with the Toast Cafe Franchise Opportunity

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    Franchise Interviews meets with the Toast franchise opportunity.  In their time as actors and musicians in New York City, Robert and his friend Brian Burchill made a ritual of home-cooked omelets made from scratch in the company of good friends. Their passion for fresh-made food and an appreciation for the warmth of home inspired the duo in 2005 to open Toast Café (Toast) - a gourmet better-breakfast concept. Toast has since expanded to three locations in North Carolina, including restaurants in Davidson, Dilworth and Ballantyne. With their focus on creating a better breakfast dining experience, the now-former entertainers have a hit on their hands and well on their way. In response to growing customer support and demand for more, Burchill and Maynard have decided to add franchising to the menu and look to dominate the 7am-2pm brunch daypart and expand throughout the country.
    ABOUT TOAST: Toast Café's story began in 2005 in Huntersville, N.C. in a small house-turned-restaurant where best friends Brian Burchill and Robert Maynard opened their first breakfast spot. News of their fresh-made breakfasts and fun atmosphere spread. The concept quickly grew to three locations, serving new and loyal clients dishes such as made-from-scratch portabella mushroom benedict and avocado omelets. Never compromising fresh ingredients or friendly service, the demand for Toast kept growing. To satisfy its family of patrons' pleas for more locations, Toast evolved into a franchise system in 2013. Dining customers always can expect impeccable service because at Toast, "every server is your server." Breaking through the boring casual breakfast segment, Toast will continue spreading its success to new communities across the United States. Listen to the interview to learn more about Toast.

  • Business Matters with Mindy Guisewite

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    10 am Thursdays, "Business Matters," host Mindy Guisewite
    Join Mindy at her NEW time, 10 am on Thursdays, to talk about all Matters related to Business!
    Back by Popular Demand-
    Today's interview is very interesting for any business or entrepreneur minded person. Noah Berk, Founder of Fresh Space talks about his experiences and his passion to help solve a problem. Noah has created his own approach to cleaner environments for us to work, play and live in.
    We will discuss why he does what he does, Market Opportunities, Lessons learned and much more.
    Listen and learn from one who has been breaking barriers and improving our environments. For more information on Fresh Space-

  • Spotlite Radio Presents Host Jessica Stern & Special Guest on 4/17/14

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    Raymond Soto at 10:00Am
    Steve Komondorea at 11:00Am
    Phil Shuart at 12:00Pm

  • FlexKom Next Level Team Leadership

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    Exploring the Next Level with FlexKom.
    Join the fastest growing team in FlexKom as we share the events, ideas and actions that are helping our team members to advance quickly into higher levels of leadership and income.
    Today's broadcast will feature Bill Resides and Mike Livingston as they interview our top leaders who will share their story of success in advancement to The Next Level!

  • Warranty Rewards

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    Hello and welcome to Warranty Rewards Radio!
    Every day we celebrate the events behind the explosive growth of My Warranty Rewards across America!
    Join us On-Air as we celebrate the latest news and updates in the field and at the headquarters of My Warranty Rewards.  Together we are working to inform America about the newest way to enjoy protection for all of their electronic purchases at a substantial savings and the hotest home business to hit the market in 2014! 
    We are dedicated to giving you a Voice-On-The-Air as we all share in this unfolding story that is... MY WARRANTY REWARDS!
    You never know who might make an appearance on our show!  We have guests ranging from top promoters in My Warranty Rewards, corporate leaders, trainers and personalities, as well as industry celebrities who will share their unique experiences in the home business industry. 
    You can join us live on the air.  Call in and chat with our hosts if you have comments or questions you want to share with our audience.  Just hit 1 on your phone and we will know you want to speak to the moderators.  
    Invite Your Team to Join the FUN on My Warranty Rewards Radio!

  • Episode 47: Special Guest Lori Cheek

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    Join us for a Q&A with founder and CEO of Cheek'd Ms. Lori Cheek. We'll discuss things from starting a new business to online dating and everything in between. 
    The show is hosted by New Jersey business and personal law attorney Peter J. Lamont.  
    Feel free to participate on our Q&A by calling us during the live broadcast (347) 855-8831. To speak with us off the air, please dial (973) 949-3770.
     This weekly program is a service of the Law Offices of Peter J. Lamont.  The firm has offices located in NJ, NY, CO and PR.  The firm serves both business and personal law clients in a variety of matters.  Additionally, the firm has industry specific practice groups for industries including kitchen & bath companies, interior design firms and commercial/residential cleanup companies.
    For more information about the firm please visit www.peterlamontesq.com. 
    For more informaiton about Understanding the Law Radio please visit www.understandingthelawradio.com

  • The Gutter, The Game, The Glory, "How to Build Unity in the Community"

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    Host Maisha Guy gets up close on the thoughts surrounding at-risk communities with  Author Ronald Cooper, How to Win in Life in A Greater Way, for an exclusive on Building Unity in the Community.
    The Gutter, The Game, The Glory, How to Build Unity in the Community.
    Ronald Cooper is an extraordinarily gifted ordained minister and author. He has a passion for speaking in general and preaching in particular.
    He continues to add life changing value to individuals, churches, and other entities of diverse cultures to improve their quality of living as he has done for thirty-nine years.
    We also wecome Ms. Jessica Green who is Louisvilles premiere advocate for youth, and the community.
    She is a Practicing Attorney • Former Assistant Commonwealth’s Attorney in Jefferson and Hardin County • Former foster mother to young children and pre-teens in our community • Graduated from Central High School, 1999 (valedictorian) • Graduated from Spelman College, 2003 (freshman and senior class president) • Graduated from the University Kentucky College of Law, 2006 (Faculty Cup recipient) • Past Vice-President of the Louisville Black Lawyer’s Association
    Music By:
    ??The Ambassador No Malice Bizzle Alicia Keys Canton Jones

  • Marketing Pulpit - Pittsburgh (MPI-PA)

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    Welcome to the Marketing Pulpit International, Pittsburg, PA, hosted by former NFL star, Anthony  Griggs every Thursday at 10:30 am.
    Anthony will be bringing you the motivation needed for you to succeed in business. The same tactics that have been proven to work on the grid-iron, also are very effective in the business arena.
    The Marketing Pulpit is brought to you by Robert Gatewood, MBA and Gatewood Marketing. Tune in to the other shows  (New York, Charlotte, Baltimore and DC) right here on BlogTalk Radio Mon - Thur, and on Radio-One's WOL 1450 AM on Fridays.

  • Global Business Solutions 24/7

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    Welcome to the first program of the Global Business Solutions Network 24/7!

  • The Drockton Financial Report

    in Finance

    Paul A Drockton M.A. is one of the most respected names in radio. His background in history, economics, securities, stocks, bonds, options, mutual funds, insurance products, real-estate, precious metals and business give a him a knowledge base greater than any financial specialist on the air. Paul is also a journalist and has written numerous articals and exposes published on various news and other websites.
    His company, Drockton Bullion LLC does millions in annual sales and he has a reputation for honesty and integrity unequaled in that industry. Caller find that Paul is always courteous and willing to answer their questions and offer is professional advice on the air.
    Whether you are a seasoned financial professional or novice trying to understand this international economy, the Drockton Financial Report is mandatory listening.

  • The Daily Deposit Brought to you by The GlobalBANK Academy

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    Global BANK Academy is the creation of Cheri Tree, one of the worlds leading experts on sales and sales training. Cheri has traveled the globe sharing the stage with some of the very best sales trainers including Robert Kiyosaki, Bob Proctor, Damon John and Sir Richard Branson. Cheri recently accepted an invitation to speak and teach her B.A.N.K. Personality Assessment System at Harvard University.
    The DAILY Deposit Radio Show is the place where members of Global BANK Academy join together every day to plug into this world wide community and movement. 

  • MOBE Daily PowerUp Call

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    Join international success coach, inspirational speaker and former US Naval Aviator JT DeBolt for your daily dose of adrenaline and inspiration to help you rock your MOBE business!

  • Talking To Your Partner About Money

    in Finance

    Sarae is joined by Amy Fidelis, Marketing & Education Director at mpowered to discuss strategies for talking to your partner about money. 
    Click here to see a related blog post here. 

  • Small Business Success Talk with Helen Callier

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    Small Business Success Talk with Helen Callier
    Helen Callier, with a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering and a Six Sigma Black Belt, began her career in Corporate America working for some of the top Fortune 500 Petrochemical and Industrial companies in the world. While serving as an Executive Staff Technical Manager of a Plastics Division of GE, Helen traveled extensively throughout North America, including Canada, Mexico and Central America and had technical unit responsibilities in South America.
    While with GE, she embedded in her DNA to always be marketing and even if you’re an Engineer in front of the customer, be marketing because business – even big business like GE – is about relationships. This business experience combined with growing up in a family business fueled Helen’s energies and shaped not only her marketing skills, but honed Helen’s abilities to nurture customer relationships.

  • VOC Nation Business: This Thursday in Telecommunications

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    The Voice of Choice Bruce Wirt hosts a bi-weekly panel discussion covering the latest news and trends in telecommunications.
    VOC Nation welcomes any industry agents, consultants, solution providers, and VARs to weigh in on the presented topics.
    Call this or any VOC Nation show using the NetCarrier nCloud toll free listener line at 855-VOC-RADIO (855-862-7234)
    Follow VOC Nation Radio on Twitter @vocnation

  • Social Media Monitoring: Best Practices 2014

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    It is a well accepted truism that before using social media interaction, you must first listen - and listen carefully. First generation social monitoring provided more raw data than actionable information, and was initially focused on gathering marketing and competitive intelligence. Today, online interaction is rapidly closing the gap between "social" and "traditional" marketing, market research, advertising, support, PR, CRM, Services Delivery and innovation.
    Social Media Monitoring (SMM) has become mission critical, and with an arguably low entry barrier from a technology (if not scalability) standpoint, the burgeoning vendor community has not only responded with many product and service offerings, but has itself been experiencing turmoil with many mergers and acquisitions.
    In this episode you will learn about the current state of the art of SMM, top trends, which criteria should be considered when making purchase decisions, and how the major incipient trends will affect you in the 3 areas covered in the Social Care section of the Execs In The Know 2013 Customer Experience Management Benchmark Study: Program Design, Operating Details and Program Staffing
    (Download the 2013 Study at www.bit.ly/EITK-CX-2013)
    Tony van Kessel
    Principal/Founder, Social Media Deliverables® VP Client Advocacy at EPIC Software Corporation
    Tony is a seasoned veteran in the telecommunications, social media and HR/Talent Management industries, is recognized for management leadership of high-growth venture-backed and public companies in a variety of technology segments, and a multipreneur committed to helping organizations accelerate their business results through the use of advanced technology, social media and cloud-based services. 705-789-0465

  • Thursday Lunch & Learn with Top Leader, Victor Girardi

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    When his son asked him to do a favor one day, Victor never imagined what the results would be. His son wanted help expanding his North American Power team into the new markets in Pennsylvania, Maryland, and New Jersey.
    Victor was a corporate professional working in engineering management and didn’t know much about expanding an energy choice team in various states, but when he became a Representative, he found that the free training and free webpage surprisingly helped him find fast success, and soon he became an Area Director.
    “What I didn’t expect was an income that would allow me to spend time with my grandsons. When my kids were growing up, I had to spend 60 to 80 hours a week working, and saw so little of them. Now I have the pleasure of sharing this Opportunity to help lots of people with their own personal economic recovery.”
    Victor’s wife is also looking forward to spending less time at her job. “That’s great, it’s already helping us meet our future goal of spending lots of time with our two grandsons, and not having to worry about finances while doing so. My suggestion for anyone considering the North American Power Opportunity is to just do it. If not this Opportunity, then what else? There are no more deregulated industries and North American Power is changing the playing field, in fact they’re changing the entire home-based business industry. Just do it!”

  • Franchise Today: Brian Spindel, President, COO and co-founder of PostNet

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    Brian E. Spindel is the President, COO and co-founder of PostNet, which operates a worldwide network of nearly 700 full-service, neighborhood business centers. Brian is very active in the franchising community. He has been a panelist and speaker at numerous conventions, has served as the chair the International Franchise Association’s (IFA) Information Technology Committee and on the IFA Educational Foundation’s Board of Trustees. He currently serves on the IFA’s Marketing and Technology Committee and holds the designation of Certified Franchise Executive (CFE).

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    EDUCATORS’ EDEN- "Teaching college courses online is easy!…NOT!”

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    This episode is part of our EDUCATORS’ EDEN™ series wherein we explore the paradise that the most passionate, creative and committed educators create for themselves, their students, peers, administrations and institutions!
    I have taught around 350 3 - credit hour course equivalents over the past 17 years.  Whew! I have taught associate degree, bachelors degree, and graduate degree level courses. I have taught at public highly selective institutions, at private institutions, at for profit institutions, at open access degree programs, in lecture halls with hundreds of students in a single class and online with smaller classes. I have also mentored new faculty and coached existing faculty in their classes. I am not even including all of the adult education I have provided as a corporate trainer to organizations around the world! I am excited to discuss this specific episode topic of, "Teaching college courses online is easy!…NOT!”  
    The stereotype of an online college professor who has no commute to work and is able to lounge around their home while “teaching” intermittently is wildly inaccurate. The reality is that the technology requires that online educators commit to an entire additional area of subject matter expertise (software, understanding of hardware, customization of content and delivery via rapidly changing software systems). The traditional concept of teaching during “class” is upended with a “class” that is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. This is combined with the desire for instant gratification that many of us have due to the technology providing us instant access to what we want places very strenuous demands on the online college educator. 
    Let's discuss!

  • OurGV Leaders

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    Success stories from OurGV's top affiliates.  CEO, Chad Schapiro or VP, Laurie Rubidge discuss concepts that will help you grow your leadership abilities as a leader. 

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