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  • Author DaRonda Shelley McDuffie on Change Radio w/Rhonda

    in Entrepreneur

    Focused. Fearless. Fueled.
    DaRonda McDuffie speaks to the hearts of freshmen
    college students to help them uncover the hidden gems
    they possess for fulfilling their purpose. Bringing
    clarity (FOCUSED), changing perspectives about
    challenges (FEARLESS), and sharing success strategies
    for lifestyle enrichment (FUELED). DaRonda cuts through
    surface barriers to encourage diamonds in the
    rough to shine exquisitely in the showcase of their
    lives. Audiences are charged to chisel away the rough edges of dull, drab, unneccessary layers, to become the  transformed, smooth, polished, sophisticated gem they are meant to be, in order to LIVE LIFE NRoyalFashion!

  • MLM Leads for the Network Marketing Distributor by NeworkLeads. com

    in Business

    MLM Leads and Network Marketing Leads combined is an interesting concept for many people trying to build a home based business. Peter Mingils, owner of NetworkLeads, has a website www.networkleads.com.  Peter Mingils has helped Distributor and Affiliates and home based business entrepreneurs answer the questions many network marketing and multi-level marketing leaders have. From how mlm leads are generated, to how much mlm leads cost, to how to effectively work MLM Leads, Peter Mingils and PM Marketing can show you how. Therefore, if you are looking for biz opp leads for your team to increase the number on mlm leads that you process through your downline.
    Check out this show and others on Building Fortunes Radio.
    Get started by going to www.networkleads.com
    138 Palm Coast Parkway NE #142 Palm Coast, FL 32137 peter@networkleads.com (386) 445-3585

  • Network Marketing Leads with Networkleads.com and Peter Mingils

    in Business

    Network Marketing Leads and MLM Leads are important topics for many people in the Home Based Business Industry. Multi-Level Marketing Leads are available through PM Marketing and NetworkLeads.com You can hear Peter Mingils discuss the way to work your Network Marketing Leads. Peter Mingils owns a company called PM Marketing and most people are familiar with the domain name, www.networkleads.com
    On Building Fortunes Radio www.buildingfortunesradio.com , you can hear MLM Leaders and Network Marketing Leaders along with other guest hosts discuss everything from MLM Lead Generation, and the Multi-Level Marketing After Hours segments. Peter Mingils 138 Palm Coast Parkway NE #142 Palm Coast FL 32137 peter@networkleads.com (386) 445-3585  

  • Multilevel Marketing Leads Network Marketing Leads MLM Leads NetworkLeads.com

    in Business

    Multilevel Marketing Leads Network Marketing Leads MLM Leads www.networkleads.com  
    Peter Mingils is the owner of PM Marketing and Network Leads.com
    On Building Fortunes Radio, Peter Mingils discusses the importance of working MLM Leads effectively in your Network Marketing business. MultiLevel Marketing Leads are easy to work if you know how. Affiliates and Distributors and Internet Marketers can learn through Peter Mingils MLM Training and his Master Mind and Mentoring program. Peter Mingils 138 Palm Coast Parkway NE #142 Palm Coast FL 32137 peter@networkleads.com (386) 445-3585

  • Peter Mingils PM Marketing NetworkLeads promotes Building Fortunes Radio

    in Business

    Peter Mingils has guest hosts on Building Fortunes Radio www.buildingfortunesradio.com. He also owns www.networkleads.com Peter has interesting and relevant topics to listen by phone, Blog Talk Radio www.blogtalkradio.com/buildingfortunes or through Building Fortunes Radio www.buildingfortunesradio.com.   This is a hot topic for you if you are in MLM, Multilevel Marketing, Network Marketing, Internet Marketing, and /or Affiliate Programs. It may be for you are using or selling through services like Facebook, Twitter, Amazon, Ebay, Click Bank. Google loves Building Fortunes Radio too. 
    PM Marketing NetworkLeads provides this Radio show as a courtesy to our Building Fortunes Affiliates and NetworkLeads customers.  You can listen in on any device connected to the internet or call in to (347) 237-4097. Bookmark Building Fortunes Radio http://www.buildingfortunesradio.com   For more information, check out the special Building Fortunes Radio Show segment on http://www.buildingfortunesradio.com or call Peter Mingils (386) 445-3585
    Thanks for listening and share this show with your friends, customers, or business colleagues.
    Peter Mingils Building Fortunes Radio MLM Leads Network Marketing Leads PM Marketing NetworkLeads MLM Training Network Marketing Training MLM Pros

  • Chris Carley - Whats Success!

    in Business

    Chris Carley - Whats Success!
    Chris Carley talking about her journey to success hosted by Peter Mingils on Building Fortunes Radio!
    The Millionaire Within Us.by Chris Carley: An example of what’s possible when you have vision!
    In one of her blog posted..... "It’s very easy to become negative, feel frustrated and give up on our dreams.....
    If you keep in the forefront of your mind that hundreds of thousands of people have achieved their financial, health and personal goals, you’ve got to know that they aren’t smarter, luckier or work harder than you, THEY JUST KNOW  MORE.  All you have to do to Realize your Dreams is obtain the knowledge.  Copy Success."

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