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  • JOSEPH N. VELASQUEZ, Founder/CEO of OjoOido.com & OjoOido-Academics.com

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    Joseph N. Velasquez, with 20 plus years combined government and private practice experience in corporate/general counsel business law, international law and civil litigation. Joseph is also the founder and CEO of OjoOido.com PBC and OjoOido-Academics.com LLC, enterprises exclusively dedicated towards overcoming the obstacles that inhibit the academic success of the Latino youth in our country. Throughout his professional legal career Joseph has maintained a passionate interest in innovative educational programs designed to strengthen under-resourced Latino student's ability to succeed in challenging academic environments. 
    Joseph has extensive experience in K-12 education and higher education. He was a member of the California Mini-Corps Program; an elementary teacher in the Los Angeles School District’s Bilingual Program; an elementary teacher in the Culver City Unified School District's Spanish Immersion Program; peer counselor in the University of Southern California's Learning Skills and Development Center; and, Joseph has been a university administrator of campus-based programs at both private and public institutions. He served as the Director of the USC Norman Topping Student Aid Fund and the Director of the Academic Support Referral Center at San Jose State University.
    Joseph holds a Juris Doctorate degree from the University of California, Los Angeles School of Law, a Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science from the University of Southern California, a Civil Litigation Mediation Certificate from the University of Texas at Austin, and a California Multiple Subject Bilingual Teaching Credential (expired) from California State University, Dominguez Hills.


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    Maria Iliou is your Director Manager, Your Host for ANCA Stories on Tuesday's. Maria Iliou read from an Author DR. Temple Grandin book :Emergence Labled Autistic" chapter ten: Through the Sliding Glass Door, chapter eleven: Working----Coping------Surviving     chapter Twwelve: Autistic and the Real World
    Maria Iliou is your Ambassador for Long Island NY
    Maria Iliou is Photographer, Photo's by Maria

  • The Miracle Show

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    Host: Dr. Christian, Ph.D., N.D., D.D., Pastor, Global Church of God Ministry, New York; Biblical Guidance & Life Coaching for Today’s Lasting Success, Founder of Successology® __________________________________ Earn College & CE credits by listening to this show ________________________________

  • X-Wave Radio - Christmas Special

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    Join us!

  • The Tufts Get Going! "The Ol' Switcheroo!"

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    9 am Wednesdays, "The Tufts Get Going!" host Rosanna Tufts
    "The Ol' Switcheroo!" No, not a bait-and-switch -- On today's show, I have a guest host who is going to interview ME, instead of the other way around! Kristen Edens, better known as "Kris the Scribbler," is interviewing business owners for her upcoming book, "The Shy Girl's Guide to Business Ownership," and some of my answers to her questions will probably make it into her final edit!
    Kristen Edens, from St. Louis, is a freelance writer and owner of Kris the Scribbler, a copywriting and editing service for businesses. She helps business owners create success with words and relationships so they can better help their clients. She is currently researching and writing a book to help business owners and entrepreneurs discover the solutions to building a stronger, more successful business. You can find her at www.kristhescribbler.com

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    Search Advertising For Small Businesses With Shane Ostrowski [Podcast]

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    In this episode Dan Kaplan, CoFounder of periscopeUP interviews Shane Ostrowski, Sr. Account Manager at Reach Local.  Listen in as Shane discusses why you should consider advertising on Bing, Yahoo! and Facebook, not just on Google, and his advice for small business landing pages.
    Shane has been with Reach Local for seven years, and serves local small businesses.
    View the full video interview at www.periscopeUP.com/blog/podcast-shane-ostrowski
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  • Talkin Law with Dan Hochheiser & Attorney/Author Alan M. Dershowi

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    "Talkin Law" Radio with Dan Hochheiser analyzes criminal cases in the news, trends in the law, & covers all legal current events.  Attorney Daniel Hochheiser is a Criminal Defense Attorney in NY & host of this show. Each week "Talkin Law" with Dan Hochheiser features newmakers, attorneys, media personalities, celebrities, politicians, business people & so much more.  "Talkin Law" with Dan Hochheiser has a straight talk with a no nonsense edge & engages attorneys and laymen alike.
    Dan will be talking with Attorney Alan M. Dershowitz, Professor at Harvard Law School, & Author of the books "Terror Tunnels: The Case for Israel's Just War Against Hamas" & "Taking the Stand: My Life in the Law" & More. They will be discussing everything from Israel to the latest with the Grand Jury Decision in Ferguson to OJ Simpson, & More.

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    The Hut - Innovation for the CIO

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    Everyday new technologies are being introduced causing CIOs to shudder.  How do you stay in front? How do you make sure your technology roadmap leads you to the promised land?  Discover the answers to these and many more of your questions on The Hut with your hosts Patrick Shore and Jodi Livengood
    Find out more at http://www.intelli-think.com

  • "In Other Words…" Dianne Collins_QuantumThink

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    Do You QuantumThink?  It's a book title as well as a question.  Dianne Collins joins us this week.  Ever heard of Einstein's Theory of Relativity, which has clearly shown us that time is not linear?  Or that we are all interconnected, like the roughly 47,000 Pando trees that are actually a single organism?   How about Observer Created Reality, which has proven that we affect the reality simply by the act of observing it?   The more we learn about our world, the more scientists are leading us back to the truths that our great sages have been proclaiming for eons. A new world view requires new thinking.  "Thinking that will [as the book's subtitle says] ROCK Your World."

  • Thanksgiving Special: Peter Lamont Talks with Marie Reger of Eva's Villiage

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    Join us for this Thanksgiving special broadcast.  Host Peter Lamont will be speaking with the Executive Director of Eva's Village about the organization, the importance of charitable giving, how you can help those in need and more. As we get ready to sit down to our Thanksgiving dinners, let's keep in mind all of the people who are less fortunate and then let's do something about it. 
    Eva’s Village is a non-profit, comprehensive, social service organization.  Our mission is to feed the hungry, shelter the homeless, treat the addicted and provide medical and dental care to the poor with respect for the human dignity of each individual.
    At Eva's Village holiday and end of year donations account for more than 40% of our yearly donations.  Starting with #Giving Tuesday and throughout the holiday season, donations to charitable organizations increase dramatically compared to the rest of the year.  Many people want to show appreciation during the holiday season and as the year comes to a close.  "It is a time of year when people feel particularly generous and caring and making charitable donations is ever-present in many people’s minds; the holidays simply bring out the best in us" says Marie Reger, Executive Director at Eva’s Village.
    To support Eva’s Village visit http://evasvillage.org/donate.shtml

  • UK Recruitment Director Ken Ward Stops by HR Latte

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    The War for Tech Talent
    Rayanne welcomes experienced tech recruiter Ken Ward, out of Romford UK,  to share some of the insights he has gained from nearly 20 years of recruiting. With such vaired experiences recruiting for Aol, Skype, EA, Playfish, Mind Candy, and currently at Nexmo, be prepared for a great conversation about "creative and commericaly-focused" recruiting, 
    Join us for an interesting conversation about recruiting in today's crazy, tech-driven world of commerce and enterprise. 
    HR Latte is a fast-paced, quick hit show where you can expect not only surprises but the information you need to know for success in the world of talent management.
    Follow the Action on Twitter: @KWard69 @Ray_anne @HRLatte

  • The High Altitude Mentorship Show

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    Focus. Clarity. Structure. Strategy. Mental toughness! These are the qualities of today's highest-achieving entrepreneurs, and tenets YOU can begin implementing into your daily execution right now.  Former US Naval Aviator JT DeBolt is an international success coach, inspirational speaker and award-winning author who is passionate about helping organizations and individuals define and accomplish their personal missions in business and life. 

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    Marketing Pulpit - Baltimore (MPI-BALT)

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    Tune in to Larry Poncho Brown, host of The Marketing Pulpit Radio Show, which airs each Wednesday at  10:30 am. It's an exciting show that informs, inspires, entertains and energizes business owners and their stakeholders.
    The show features an exciting lineup of special guests who tell their success stories and more.
    The Marketing Pulpit Radio Show is the creation of expert marketer, Robert Gatewood MBA, president of Gatewood Marketing.
    The show’s mission is to build strong buinesses in the community in order to put people to work. The show provides crucial knowledge in the areas of sales, branding, pricing, media buying, Internet, social media, music, entertainment, franchising, networking, event planning, the arts, accounting, business development, workforce development, industry trends, business news and more. The show offers sponsorships, advertising, membership opportunities, and a robust website for its listeners and visitors.

  • Justice Is Ownership............

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    Today on "It's My House"  we shall discuss and apply the Unifying Principals of:
    There Is No Justice Until You Own It If The Bank Financed It.........They Own It You Can Not Have A Voice Until You Have A Vested Interest In The System We shall have a breakfast chat about these principals as applied to developing our own "Hostel" network organization. In addition we shall discuss the possiblities of organzing membership based transporation system.
    Feel free to call in and offer any comments or questions and as usual have your pen and paper ready to take plenty of notes.


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    Today we will discuss health, wealth, business and prosperity.  Your hostess Sister El will have special guest Dr. Umar Johnson, The Prince of Pan Africanism.  He is a Ceritifed School Psychologist who practices privately throughout Pennsylvania and lectures the country.  He is a blood relative of Frederick Douglass, the great aboloitionist and orator.  Dr. Johnson has been featured on various talk shows, college campuses, workshops conferences and panels in the United States and beyond. He is considered an authority on the education of "African American" Children and on mental health in the community.  He is the author of Psycho-Academic Holocaust and starred in The Hidden Colors Documentary.  An upcoming Live Lecture will be held Fri Nov 28th 5pm EST.at Omenala Griot Museum in Atlanta, Georgia and The Movie Dr. Umar in Liveria will be shown at 6pm EST. at The Legacy Theatre in Lithonia, Georgia.  Please Call in to 424.222.5250.  You may press 1 to comment or speak.  

  • The Daily Deposit

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    Global BANK Academy is the creation of Cheri Tree, one of the worlds leading experts on sales and sales training. Cheri has traveled the globe sharing the stage with some of the very best sales trainers including Robert Kiyosaki, Bob Proctor, Damon John and Sir Richard Branson. Cheri recently accepted an invitation to speak and teach her B.A.N.K. Personality Assessment System at Harvard University.
    The DAILY Deposit Radio Show is the place where members of Global BANK Academy join together every day to plug into this world wide community and movement.

  • MOBE Daily PowerUp Call

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    Join international success coach, inspirational speaker and former US Naval Aviator JT DeBolt for your daily dose of adrenaline and inspiration to help you rock your MOBE business!

  • Tamara Leigh's TREND ON

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    Join Tamara Leigh's TREND ON with Heidi Feemster LIVE every Wed. at 10:00am on the Linked Local Network.
    Follow us on twitter: @tamaraleighllc  @heidifeemster @linkedlocalnet and tamaraleighllc.com and linkedlocalnetwork.com

  • Make an Offer in Less than 5 Minutes

    in Real Estate

    My name is Ken Sheppard. I have invested in real estate successfully for over thirty years.
    This show will explain to you how to make money in real estate when you do not have any money. I started out this way and so can you.
    Today, we'll share with you how to make offers in less than 5 minutes to begin the negotiation process.   We use this form every day.  Email DealswithKD@gmail.com for an LOI Specimen.  Subject Line BTR LOI Specime
    Find our podcasts on the iTunes store under "Making Money in Real Estate When You Have No Money".
    You can network with 150,000+ active investors by going to KenRERadio.com and creating a free account.
    Check out Dana Leigh's new website at SWMIBizDev.com.  Login to learn about an opportunity for an honest-to-goodness college style real estate education. And, she'll be happy to show you how to make money starting next week by helping her to enroll students.
    Please join our online community at CreativeFlips.webs.com.

  • Executive Coaching for Business Owners

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    On November 26, at Noon, y guest will be Dr. Chloe Carmichael of Carmichael Psychology.  Dr. Carmichael attended Columbia University for a BA in Psychology, and graduated summa cum laude with Departmental Honors in Psychology. She completed her doctorate in Clinical Psychology at Long Island University in Brooklyn; the LIU Clinical Psychology Program admits fewer than 10% of applicants and is accredited by the American Psychological Association. Dr. Carmichael completed her clinical training at Lenox Hill Hospital and Kings County Hospital, as well as other settings such as community clinics and academic centers. She has published work on issues related to psychotherapy through academic sources such as Guilford, and presented at the Anxiety Disorders Association of America.
    Dr. Carmichael has instructed undergraduate courses at Long Island University and has served as adjunct faculty at the City University of New York. In addition, she has been a certified yoga instructor since 2001; she has also completed coursework in Buddhism and meditation and Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction designed. She was recently named as the psychologist for the New York College of Podiatric Medicine. In her role at the NYCPM, Dr. Carmichael provides support to faculty and students in the form of individual counseling as well as the creation and delivery of stress-management and goal-attainment workshops. Dr. Carmichael has also been featured on VH1, Inside Edition, and other media.
    Dr. Carmichael is an active member and co-chair of a committee for the New York Junior League and provides volunteer services to underserved populations including the homeless, veterans, and poverty-level immigrants.

  • Networking CEO: Sherri -Lee Woycik, Facebook Marketing

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    Since 2010, Sherri-Lee Woycik has worked with a variety of companies from book authors to auto detailers to gourmet grocery stores to large hotel chains to leverage the power of social media to help them tell their story, build their connections and drive customers to their businesses.
    Sherri-Lee works with her clients to create powerful Facebook marketing funnels that generate leads and create happy customers for her clients.
    Sherri-Lee is also a sought after speaker and trainer and enjoys connecting with a variety of business owners to help them leverage the power of Facebook for their businesses.
    She is a single mom of two kids who she home schools and enjoys creating adventures for them all to experience together.

  • 5 Financial Gifts You Can Give Yourself Before the Holidays

    in Finance

    Before you hit the Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales, join host Barbie O'Connor, as she shares with you the 5 Financial Gifts You Can Give Yourself Before the Holidays.  These gifts will include discussion of  tax withholding, retirement plan contributions, knowing your Flexible Spending Accounts, health care enrollment, and employee stock purchase plans. 
    For more MoneySmarts4U, go to the website: www.moneysmarts4u.com, subscribe to the podcast.  Click here to buy the book, Moneysmarts4u: The Basics, on Amazon.   

  • Workshop Wednesdays with True Leaders in the Business Communities

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    Workshop Wednesdays with Tony Gambone with his guest Slavica Bogdanov & David E. Saucedo II:
    Slavica Bogdanov is a success life coach and artist that has published over 25 books, including 3 bestsellers, and whose expertise has helped thousands worldwide. She came to the United States with the intention to help as many people as possible live life to the fullest experiencing abundance, prosperity and riches in happiness, well- being and health.
    Born in Belgrade, raised in Paris, Slavica comes from a European family of entrepreneurs who believed hard working was the way to success. She moved to Canada where she completed a Master’s Degree in History of Communications at the University of Montreal. She worked mostly in medias such as radio and print. She has traveled a lot, mostly to Europe, Americas, and North Africa.  A serial entrepreneur, she has proven many times over that any dream is achievable with the proper method and she created her own formula for rapidly accessing any dream and making it real.
    Whether it was learning how to cut a key at 10, going on service calls during summer vacations or being present at important business meetings as a 15 year old – growing up in the family business has fueled David E. Saucedo's passion to lead The Saucedo Company into its 100th anniversary and beyond. He graduated from both Cathedral High School and the University of Notre Dame in South Bend, Indiana with a degree in Accountancy. David is currently very active in the city of El Paso, he is a member of The Paso del Norte Group, Vice-Chairman of the Boys and Girls Club and a 4th-degree Knight of Columbus. On his spare time, he enjoys playing basketball and reminding himself that he was once good at it.

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