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  • Peter Richards Gulftainer Company Limited Global Expansion Goals

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    Global Portfolio aims for 35 terminals by 2020 across 5 continents handling 18 million TEUs annually, becoming a Top Six Global Container Terminal Operator.
    Gulftainer, one of the world’s largest privately owned port management and logistics companies based in Sharjah in the UAE, unveiled today a new vision and identity as one of the most competitive and recognizable terminal operators in the World.
    At the launch event, held at the Sharjah Chamber of Commerce in the presence of H.H. Sheikh Khalid bin Sultan bin Mohammed Al Qasimi, and H.E. Sheikh Khaled Bin Abdullah Bin Sultan Al Qasimi, Chairman of the Sharjah Ports Authority, the company also revealed a new brand identity, which reflects its expanding footprint into new international markets and a design that focuses on a spirit of partnership, strength, and reliability, three of Gulftainer’s core business pillars.
    “From our humble roots nearly 40 years ago in Sharjah, we learnt that strong business values and operational efficiency were what the industry thrived on, and following this ethos we have successfully been able to export our expertise and professionalism from the UAE to numerous global key operational hubs since,” said Badr Jafar, CEO of Gulftainer’s parent company Crescent Enterprises and Vice-Chairman of Gulftainer.

  • 'Get Fit With Fran' ~ Make September Your January

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    'The BEST is YET to Come' ~ Powered by The Career Engineer (TCE) - www.tcenow.com
    Wandawomen - workitstudio
    Topic:   Make September Your January.  Once life gives you a moment to breath. Great time to jump start your fitness before holidays
    STOP Living, Breathing and working BENEATH your Purpose! Join TCE's Career Talk Radio along with special guests as we share employment, economy tips, e-business tips and solutions to help you make Monday Mornings...BETTER!  Create the life of your dreams.
    Programming: SweetBerry Designs

  • ADR - A Path Thru

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    Can’t see the way from where you are to where you want to be? Think you are the only person with these problems? You are NOT! AskDrRhonda.com sponsors “A Path Thru” programs beginning in January with www.blogtalkradio.com/askdrrhonda  series. Listen live or download later wisdom from thought and action leaders sharing how they have made meaningful progress and transitions toward life goals. Learn ho

  • Josh Bersin at Lunch with DriveThruHR

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    Josh Bersin @josh_bersin at Lunch with @DriveThruHR with @bryanwempen (Emeritus), @williamtincup & @thehrbuddy
    DriveThruHR was designed to be a captivating and easy-to-digest lunch discourse that covers topics relevant to HR professionals.  Each 30-minute episode features a guest speaker who shares her or his knowledge and experience in human resources. Our hosts and special guest cover a wealth of topics, including HR Technology, Recruiting, Talent Management, Leadership, Organizational Culture and Strategic HR, every day at 12:00 pm Central Time.  The radio program is hosted by @bryanwempen (Emeritus), @williamtincup and @thehrbuddy The #1 HR show, with amazing HR conversations and follow us on the twitters at  @drivethruhr and #dthr.

  • Dyman Associates Risk Management

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    Hvordan til at gennemføre en effektiv IT-sikkerhed risikovurdering
    Måling af risiko er en nøgle til at retfærdiggøre nye sikkerhed udgifter. Her er enkøreplan for at gøre det.
    [Uddrag fra "Hvordan til at gennemføre en effektiv det sikringsrelateretrisikovurdering", en ny rapport udstationeret i denne uge på mørke læsning Risk Management Tech Center.]
    Mange sikkerhed og overholdelse af projekterne begynder med en simpel idé: vurdereorganisationens risiko for svagheder og overtrædelser. Faktisk, gennemføre en ITsikkerhed risikovurdering er absolut afgørende for den samlede sikkerhedkropsholdning i din organisation.
    Der er grundlæggende tre risiko management komponenter:
    1. evaluering og vurdering, at identificere aktiver og evaluere deres egenskaber ogkarakteristika.
    2. risiko vurdering, at opdage trusler og sårbarheder, som indebærer risiko for aktiver.
    3. risikoreduktion, adresse risiko ved at overføre, fjerne eller acceptere det.

  • Bert Martinez talks with Donna Krech, Tim Taylor, John Feal

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    John Feal former Demolition Supervisor, horribly injured at Ground Zero during the cleanup and recovery. Now advocate and founder of the FealGood Foundation
    Tim Taylor Real Estate Success Coach, is the definition of someone living up to his title. While working full-time, and with only $338 in his bank account, he started investing in Real Estate in the evenings and on weekends. Within 3 years of investing part-time, Tim owned over 70 single-family rental properties and large apartment complexes and had a $1.4 Million net worth. Tim's real estate investment track record includes personally owning more than 100 single-family rental properties and numerous multi-unit apartment complexes. Tim has also rehabbed and sold more than 200 homes. Today Tim Taylor is one of the most sought after real estate success coaches in the United States, and shares the secrets he has come to know and practice onto select individuals through his Live Mentorship and Self-Study programs
    Donna Krech

  • How To Start A Soul Based Business From Home with Jaden Sterling

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    Thinking of starting a business but don't know where to begin? Overwhelmed with all the things to do and choices to make?  If so, you aren't alone... Many find the beginning stages of any business overwhelming to the point they don't follow through with their ideas. Dreams of economic freedom get shelved for "someday". Well TODAY is that day! Listen in as Intutive Wealth Coach Jaden Sterling shares 3 simple strategies for getting ANY business off the ground. call in for your business off the ground question at 626-231-0306

  • Summer's Over! Get Back to Work!

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    Parents rejoiced last week (and this week) when the kids went back to school. Yet, September also represents an end to copious vacations and days and return to work. 
    For some people a return to work, represents a return to the job search. Scott Vedder, as a recruiter, conducted over 5,000 interviews with a Fortune 100 company. It was through his work that he discovered that job applicants are really clueless about what recruiters are looking for. He wrote, Signs of a Great Resume, to help. Most recently, he's developed a version of Signs of a Great Resume specifically for veterans. He'll be sharing some of those tips with us!
    Kathy Condon is all too aware that people often hide behind their social media profiles when it comes to networkworking and marketing. Yet, people are slowly but surely realizing that good old fashioned in person networking is still relevant. She wrote  Face-to-Face Networking: It's All about Communication to help professional develop a face-to-face networking plan. Where do you go to meet people? How often do you need to go out? What do you do when you get there. She'll be answering those questions and more!

  • An Entrepreneur in Every Home

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    Jimmy Newson, director of the A Billion Entrepreneurs Foundation will join me to discuss his international program which aims for there to be an entrepreneur in every home

  • Don Todrin

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    Don Todrin 

  • Supporting Savannah Buddy Walk 2014 with Candy Bogardus and Jamie Deen

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    For nearly a decade, the Lowcountry Down Syndrome Society Buddy Walk has brought awareness of down syndrome and support to families. The 2014 Buddy Walk and Family Fun Festival will welcome thousands of supporters to Forsyth Park in historic downtown Savannah, GA.
    Buddy Walk Coordinator, Candy Bogardus, and 2014 Buddy Walk Grand Marshal, Jamie Deen, will talk to Open for Business® host, Pearl Fyderek, about the importance of the Lowcountry Down Syndrome Society for families.
    The 2014 Buddy walk takes place Saturday, October 4, at 10 a.m. at Forsyth Park. Registration is $12 per person or $40 for a family of four. This includes lunch, a t-shirt and admission to the festival. www.ldssga.org

  • IBS Interview the CEO of Kredit Koncepts

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    The Weekly Interwork Business Radio Show is held each Wednesday from 1 p.m. to 2 p.m.  It is a weekly radio show that has a complete focus on assisting small businesses.  We interview small business owners each week, provide ideas, promote businesses and have special guests.  Join us and follow us on twitter at www.twitter.com/interworkbiz or visit our website at www.interworkbusiness.com
    IBS will be interviewing the Chief Executive Officer of Kredit Koncepts, Quincy Luzunaris has been a leader in helping Americans recovery from the financial crisis.  Tune in on Wednesday to learn how Kredit Koncepts has been able to transform lives.
    Kredit Koncepts has been serving the general public since 2009 and has maintained an A rating with the Better Business Bureau. Kredit Koncepts was created with one objective in mind; to help America recovery from debilitating credit injustice.  See www.kreditkoncepts.com for details.
    Kredit Koncepts has been able to successfully assist thousands of individuals from around the United States in securing a better financial future. Consider entrusting their firm to your own personal recovery.  Kredit Koncepts has been an active part of the “Personal Recovery” for thousands of individuals and has been a consistent supporter of struggling communities. Kredit Koncepts works with non-profit groups to support small business start-ups, community education initiatives and participating in various community programs. Kredit Koncepts has also received recognition as an innovator with its new credit academy that will be made available to the public in early 2015.


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    Home Based Business University Radio Show is here to promote opportunities both domestically and internationally. We will hear from Entrepreneurs from all countries around the world. We will learn about new and exciting business opportunities as well as innovative products and services which will help us make for a Better World.

  • McKenzie Corp Boiler Fireside Care and Boiler Maintenance

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    There are two sides to every fire tube boiler and we don't mean the inside and outside of the boiler. We are really referring to the Water Side and the Fire Side of the boiler. Both require inspection and the appropriate maintenance in order to keep your equipment running at peak efficiency.
    A visual inspection should be conducted twice a year
    The fireside of your boiler will include all refractories, tubes, tube sheets and the furnace. A visual inspection should be conducted twice a year to determine the condition of this side of the boiler heat exchanger. Open the boiler up and use a strong light to visually inspect the condition of these surfaces.
    Do you see any blistering or pock marks? This is an indication that there is corrosion due to condensation of flue gasses. This condensation creates an acidic solution that can eat away at your furnace and tubes. Should you find this occurring you may correct the situation by maintaining a minimum water temperature of 170 deg. F. Another solution is to keep your boiler on for a longer period of time. This avoids short cycling that, which allows for the formation of condensation.
    Since 1946, P. C. McKenzie Company has been actively involved in the Natural Gas Industry, this experience combined with Ingersoll Rand, the leader in natural gas compression for the NGV market, makes us the ideal solution for your NGV station design.
    Today, P.C. McKenzie Company is a leading supplier of compressed natural gas (CNG) equipment for vehicle fueling.
    The rugged, prepackaged modular compressor systems are available in sizes ranging from 28 scfm up to 116 scfm.

  • "How to Launch your Business" with Scott Duffy

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    Join us Live Wednesday 09-03-14 at 11:11 am PT/ 1:11 pm CT/2:11 pm ET  97% of a rockets fuel is used in the first three feet of its launch. The same is true when launching a new business, product, or service. Those first few steps are absolutely critical. 
    But this is where most entrepreneurs make their biggest mistakes and set  themselves on a path to failure. Launch! is a roadmap for for entrepreneurs.  It is a step-by-step approach to avoiding these common mistakes and taking  their big idea to market successfull. Today our guest will disccuss this and more!  He is a best-selling author, speaker, angel investor, and business consultant.  He began his career working for best-selling author and speaker, Tony Robbins,  and went on to work for several big media brands like CBS Sportsline, NBC  Internet, and FOXSports.com. Next, he founded Smart Charter, an online  booking tool for private aviation, which was acquired by Richard Branson’s  Virgin Group. He has spoken at the NYSE and been a guest on numerous media  outlets including CNBC, FOX News, The Wall Street Journal, and Business Week.  This Business Tycoon has a highly anticipated book, LAUNCH!  (Penguin/Portfolio), is a blueprint for business leaders to launch and  grow successful ventures. He currently lives in Southern California with  his wife and two children. HE IS SCOTT DUFFY!
    For recorded broadcast join us at TheBottomLineShowLive.com

  • Ask a PI -Insurance Fraud

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    Insurance fraud is big business in the U.S. How big? About $80 billion dollars a year—that's an average of $950 for each American family—according to the Coalition Against Insurance Fraud whose members represent insurance companies, consumer groups, and government agencies.
    The most obvious cost to consumers appears as higher premiums, because insurers pass on the cost of insurance fraud to policy holders. But consumers pay for insurance fraud in other ways, too. The cost of consumer goods and services rises when manufacturers, service providers, and merchants pass through their increased insurance costs. Fraudulent insurance investment schemes rob Americans, particularly the elderly, of hard earned savings. Staged auto accidents and arson not only destroy property but endanger lives.
    What is insurance fraud?

  • Toby Salgado from Super Agents Live

    in Real Estate

    Today we're joined by Toby Salgado, the host of Super Agents Live. Toby made his fortune in real estate, then went on to interview many of the biggest names in the industry. He joins us today to discuss his experiences & help us understand what success means in today's real estate industry,
    Schedule A Free Coaching Call Visit Tim & Julie Harris Online Listen on iTunes Listen on Stitcher

  • Entrepreneur Conversations: Voice - Russ Whitney www.innervoice.com

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    Russ Whitney is the epitome of the American Dream: he overcame a difficult childhood and went on to build a solid, successful life as a family man, civic leader, philanthropist, best-selling author, mentor and businessperson. He says his three children (now adults) and granddaughter are his most meaningful achievement. Russ’s latest venture, Inner Voice™, grew out of his own personal search for the true meaning of life and our reason for being. 

  • Business InSight

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    Bruce Starr hosts some of the most interesting guests on radio. 

  • Illuminate Together Radio ~ Discover the Secrets of She

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    Discover the Secrets of She by Kelly Rene
    Kelly Rene is an author, artist and self described Disney Princess. Think Snow White on a laptop. A selective life coach, Kelly Rene goes deep. Her writings are thought provoking and impactful; some say revolutionary. Her quest to overcome personal challenges led to the discovery of ancient truths about women.  Secrets of She is born of real world experiences and a passion to understand the value within us all.
    There is an Ancient Secret that has been hidden away for ages. It is a Universal Law of Physics and it governs every aspect of life. It is the root of the Patriarchal Construct we call a civilization; it explains why things are the way they are. Why women are still struggling for equal rights in 2014 and beyond. It is a simple secret, the proof of which is hidden right before our eyes daily. Come discover what your soul knows that your eyes do not see. Learn the Secrets of She and participate in life at a whole new level of understanding and joy!
    Find out what has been hidden for generations from the hearts of women http://secretsofshe.com/
    Illuminate Together Radio is a place  where you can learn ideas to help you grow your business in alignment with your personal spiritual beliefs.  Where you can learn from experts, hear their stories and become inspired.  A place where your questions are answered and your opinion counts.  A place where conscious business leaders gather to learn from each other and shine their lights together to change the world for the better.
    Contact the host about events or to be a guest on our show at MichelleSpalding.com

  • Molinari News Wire

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    Molinari News Wire-  every Wednesday at 5:00PM Eastern
    Chris Molinari shares her wisdom and insights on "Molinari News Wire" every Wednesday at 5:00PM Eastern on Building Fortunes Radio.
    Chris has been a successful author, distributor, consultant and loves to help people learn and do well in their home-based business.
    She's trained with the best... and writes for many as a ghost-writer.. so you can see her all over. She's a home based business guru with a pinch of NLP thrown in for effectiveness. Check out the weekly segment on Building Fortunes Radio: http://www.buildingfortunesradio.com

  • Dyman Associates Insurance Group of Companies News

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    Sie haben Ihren Urlaub gut geplant; Das nächste Ziel das Bahn/Flugzeug gebracht; eingutes Hotel gefunden und gebucht ein Auto um Sie zu exotischen Orten in der Nähebringen. Aber wenn Sie haben für das gemietete Auto bezahlen, erhalten Sie denSchock Ihres Lebens. Das endgültige Gesetz geht über was beworben wurde oder das,was Sie erwartet. Und dann wird es eine Gehirn-Regale, abscheulichen Übung, wie Sieversuchen zu entschlüsseln, der zusätzliche Kosten und Gebühren, die auf derRechnung hinzugefügt wurden, während Sie weiter zu argumentieren, dass diese Dingenie an erster Stelle erwähnt wurden.
    Solche Vorfälle in der Regel die Urlaubsstimmung verderben, aber Sie können eseigentlich vermeiden und müssen nicht zulassen, dass Autovermietung, ein riesigesLoch in Ihrer Tasche zu brennen. Folgen Sie einfach diesen fünf Tipps und Dinge zumbesseren ändern werden.
    1. versuchen Sie Forschung und buchen im voraus
    Wenn Sie einen Urlaub planen, buchen Sie vor allem Flüge und Hotels/Resorts imVoraus nach korrekte Forschung. Machen Sie dasselbe für Autovermietung, wenn Sienicht, üppige Preise zu bezahlen möchten. Sie finden zahlreiche Optionen undInformationen online. Was mehr ist, finden Sie auch zahlreiche Verbraucher-Foren imInternet wo und Bewertungen der verschiedenen Autovermietungen gebucht werden.Daher empfiehlt es sich zu entscheiden und buchen Sie im voraus. Sie sollten eine guteIdee über die Kosten und Optionen vor haben.

  • Ti Tips til at udvikle en meningsfuld markedsanalyse

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    Det er afgørende, at du udvikle en klar opfattelse af hvordan verden i almindelighed-herunder din konkurrence – påvirker din virksomhed og dens rentabilitet. Men dybden af detaljer i din analyse vil afhænge af hvor du har til hensigt at bruge den.
    Hvis du leder efter investorer, du har brug at vise, at du forstår din branche samtidig undgå uvedkommende oplysninger. Hvis du opretter en indre plan, der vil guide dine strategiske retning, kan du kræve meget mere detaljeret. Her er ti måder at indsamle oplysninger, du har brug for at træffe informerede beslutninger om din strategiske retning.
    1. segmentere dine markedet: Opdele markedet i brugbar segmenter som du indsamler data. Måder at segmentere markedet kan omfatte alder, indkomst, varetype, geografi, købe mønstre, kundebehov, livsstil, psychographics eller andre klassifikationer.
    For eksempel, når en lokal computer butik definerer sin kundesegmenter som "high-end home office" og "high-technology small business," dens segmentering siger en masse om sine kunder. I udvikle segmenter, overveje hvilke faktorer gør en forskel i indkøb, medier og værdi mønstre af dine målgrupper. Er alder sagen i udvalg af restauranter, eller er stil og mad præferencer vigtigere? Er indkomstniveau en nøglefaktor?

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