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  • Turning Someday Into Payday

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    The 10 Best Business Relationship Building Tips to Help Your Profits Soar!
    1.    Know something personal about the people you do business with. Some people don't believe in mixing business with pleasure.
    2.    Always be sincere. Has this ever happened to you? You are at a conference, and you meet someone in your industry.
    3.    Respond to colleagues in a timely manner. We are all busy. Someone else's biggest priority is usually not our own.
    4.    Always arrive on time.  Fashionably late does not exist in business.
    5.    Never use your children as an excuse. Many times the reason for not finishing a report or being late for a meeting very well may be because one of your children wasn't feeling well, or they couldn't find their homework or you forgot to pack school lunches.
    6.    Be Positive. No one likes to be around cranky people.  Beside the fact that cranky people take the fun out of things, it can be draining and counter-productive.
    7.    Know something about your potential business associate's company. If you are off to meet with a potential business associate, make sure you do your homework.
    8.    Never, ever gossip. Being known as a gossip is the fastest way to destroy business relationship.
    9.    Give more than you get. Karma does exist. If you are known as the WIIFM (what's in it for me) type, you need to work to change your image.
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  • How to Prepare Content Super F.A.S.T.

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    The idea is fairly simple - The process of taking existing content and using it in another format or fashion. A few quick examples include -  
    Recording mp3s of the content from an ebook and selling it as an audio product.   Extracting content from an ebook to your inbox magazine articles.  
    How To Prepare Content Super F.A.S.T.™ There are four basic ways that I use the concept of "recycling" content in my own business which I describe by using the acronym F.A.S.T.™… F - FIND appropriate excerpts. A - ADD to free materials. S - SWIPE other people's content. T - TRANSCRIBE your rants.
    FIND appropriate excerpts Do you have existing products related to your topic?  Feel free to excerpt portions of those products as essays. 2. ADD to free materials The next option that I use is to "add to free materials".   In other words - You take existing content that you've previously made available for free and you contribute additional content to further explain and enhance it.
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  • How to Give Away Great Content But Still Get Paid

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    If you sell a service, you don't need to provide content on how to do what you do because people who want to do it themselves aren't really in your target market. You can create content that teaches your readers how to find a reputable service provider. You can also create content that teaches people how to enhance the work you do for them.
    give people the solution to their problem, but not the step-by-step instructions for doing it. You're showing them they need your product to fully accomplish what they want to do.
    Sell a Product by Selling the Why If you sell a consumer product, the same logic applies. You want the content to teach them why they need your product and enhance their experience of using your product.
    Sell Information Products with the What and Not the How If you sell information products, people think this is where it gets really tricky to control what you give away and what you sell, but it doesn't have to. There are a couple of ways you can approach this.
    Use Soft Endings One of the best ways to do this is with a "soft ending" to your essays. Most articles and essays end with a "hard ending."

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