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    Spiritually Minded Network Marketing in the 21st century

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    What dose networking and network marketing look like from the spiritual point of view? In our industry we are call ourselves IBO’S Independent Business Owners. We all have one reason in common for having a business in this industry. We want to help and be a blessing to anyone and everyone we can. Just as it is in any other industry, there are laws that govern our industry. Our primary law is the law of reciprocity, the law states that if you give, if you bless, blessings will come to you, if you help, you will be helped. Spirit filled networking as an IBO in our industry is the way to build your business. For a very long time people have come into our industry by joining a company in the industry, becoming a distributor for that company and helping build that company brand by doing word of mouth advertising and networking for that company and getting paid. We believe you can be a blessing help other people when you join the industry. When you sign a distributorship agreement with a company of your choice, you can build your brand, do word of mouth advertising and networking for yourself, and get paid very well through the law of reciprocity. We believe that everyone should be an independent business owner with their own home based business. If you are now employed by a company, working a traditional JOB, and on the “Journey of the Broke”, unemployed, retired, or on a part time job, then you should be an IBO in the industry of Grace and Blessing. When we look at the different industries in the world, you can very quickly see that our industry is very unique. Our “JOB” is a “Journey of Blessing” the products companies and the compensation plans of our industry, are all created and built out of a desire to help and be a blessing to everyone that comes in contact with us.

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    petshop ownership

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    we interveiw one of the owners of edingtons kritter korner in shelbyville ky, the only petshop to service the intire city of shelbyville ky.

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    Culture or Catch Phrase?

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    Many businesses use some sort of catch phrase in their advertising and there are certain words that Customers identify with and gravitate to, but it's super important to make sure your business follows through with any promises you make in your marketing.
    If you promise the lowest price (and I don't suggest that you should)  you need to make sure you actually can deliver the lowest price.  If you promise superior Customer service, you should be investing in continuing education for your employees to be certain you are delivering that.
    Join me Monday, June 6 at 5:30 pm to learn more.

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    5th Annual Federal Risk Management Summit

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    Interview with David Fragale, Chair of the Communicatin Committee for the Association for Enterprise Risk Management and why this Summit will be a game changer for risk management in the federal space.

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    Jose Carcano & Cory Walker introduce Save 10 Company. Save monies and residual.

    in Entrepreneur

    Jose Carcano will talk with Mr. Cory Walker concerning a new business opportunity call "Save10 Company". The topic on what you can save money on, how a merchant can advertise for FREE and how people can create residual income.
    Just some example of companies you can save on:
    Food: Subway, Arby's, Popeyes Losisiana  Kitchen, Red Lobster, Bush's Chicken, Olive Garden.
    Retail Store: Claire's, JC Penney, Samuels Jewelers, Hallmark, Sears, Office Depot, Rent a Center.
    Automotive: Ford, Advance Auto Parts, Meineke Car Care, Jiffy Lube, Sears Auto Center. Enterainment: Boulder Sport Climbing Center, Skydive Temple Tx., Horsin' Around Fort Hood.
    Health & Beauty: Gym Network 360, Spafinder WEllness 365, Sport Clips, Supercuts, Eyemart Express.
    We are looking for Merchant that want to advertise for FREE.
    We are also work on savings on Travel and Services.
    Visit; https://teamcarcano.mysave10.com
    Contact me at 254-371-449

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    (FES) Financial Education Services (Credit Restoration Episode)

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    Hello everyone,
         Please tune into this episode of Jay Cross radio if you've been wondering what FES is all about and how it can benefit you.  Are you fatigued with high interest rates or repeated denials for purchasing a home or automobile?  Are you ready to regain buying power and creating a more stable environment for your family?  Would you like to be financially educated on how to built a great financial portfolio?  This is definitely an episode you do not want to miss. I'll speak on what we have to offer as well as how to get started.  See you guys on the air!!!!!!!!

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    Living Passionately into Your Purpose!

    in Entrepreneur

    This segment of Chicago’s Black Business Radio Network is THE INSIDE STORY ON REAL ESTATE INVESTING where your host, Tracey Lewis, promises to keep it REAL, that is keep it real with regard to REAL Estate Investing. Tracey’s goal is to help you major in your success as a real estate investor and business entrepreneur extraordinaire. 
    On today’s show, one of my most favorite guest hosts/life coach partners and friend, Atarah Wright, and I are going to continue with our topic of living passionately into your purpose with our newest guest, Robin Lewis! Robin’s a 20-year old millennial entrepreneur and she will be sharing how she’s living passionately into her purpose. So please be sure to pay it all forward and leave nothing to chance by sharing the wealth of THE INSIDE STORY ON REAL ESTATE INVESTING with Tracey Lewis airing live on Blog Talk Radio Fridays at 10:00 am Central time! I’m here for YOU!
    Chicago's Black Business Radio Network
    (All Black! All News! All You!)
    This is THE INSIDE STORY ON REAL ESTATE INVESTING with Tracey Lewis where Tracey works alongside you to major in your financial success as a business success coach and real estate investor insider extraordinaire!

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    Young Vibrant and Ready for Success intervies Leno Bradby!

    in Entrepreneur

    Leno Bradby is a rising artist in the entertanment industry! He has worked on several well known productions such as the Haves and the Have Nots! Bradby has even bugun to produce his own show! He got his start and passion for film making in highschool at Approxmattox Regional Governor's School for the Arts and Technology! From there Bradby went on to achieve two degrees one at at Clark Atlanta University being a degree in Mass Media Arts and a Masters of Science  degree in Entertainment Business at Full Sail University! The knowledge he has recived has helped him in his jouney thus far!

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    The Jeremy Doesn't want to podcast, podcast

    in Legal

    The Jeremy Doesn't want to podcast, podcast.  Jeremy doesn't want to talk tonight, but we will anyway.  

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    Book Dedication

    in Business

    Patti begins her journey of sharing her life lessons in a book titled Beach To Boardroom. This episode reveals all her mentors that encouraged her along the way. 

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    How Black folk can trump trump pt. 1

    in Business

    Get busy folks

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