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    Classical music

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    Classical music

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    PFD Academy

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    Sean L Washington has been teaching students to learn for over 20 years. The organization has sent over 700 students successfull to college. They offer an exciting program that is worth checking out. Please visit the web site to learn more about the programs offered for studetns. Web address is www.pfdacademy.org 
    The program will not only teach students how to learn but also they deign a unique study improvement for each student.  The back to basic approach to education is designed to benefit students plan for their future. The organzations offers weekend workshops that are designed to improve their study skills.  
    Students can also learn about the do and due system. Students and their parents love this program and  can learn about this program by www.doandduesystem.com  
    Please contact Sean at  844 992 2233. 

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    S1:E16 techsytalk {unscripted} Interview with Allie Magyar

    in Entrepreneur

    Liz King and Ed Wagaba interview Allie Magyar, CEO of Hubb

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    #speakout by One Team One Dream, LLC

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    Ta-Sean Murdock & Kimberly Bowman the Co-Host of #speakout, will discuss great business opportunities within your local community that are on the rise.
    Ta-Sean Murdock who is the Founder of One Team One Dream, LLC will look to interview one very special guest. The interview will bring to light the mission and vision of that entrepreneurs business and how they are looking to expend in their community today. We will also discuss how you can be apart!  
    Kimberly Bowmen, Owner & Founder of So Exquisite Charleston will be shouting out different businesses across the country. If you want your business to be shouted out on #speakout, send us your information to otodcommunity@gmail.com.
    It's time we come together to connect and bring to light new ideas and new opportunities. We have this great opportunity to encourage new entrepreneurs to jump out on faith and start their very own business venture. 

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    Test Show

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    Today we will meet part of the cast and crew of the show. This short program is an introdution to the show and to the upcoming features and guests.

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    Fabulous Fridays -- Business Soft Skills & Strategic Mentorship

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    Each and Every Friday U.S. Army Retired Terence Winslow & Several Leaders & Entrepreneurs bring You Business Soft Skills Topics and Strategic Marketing Mentorship in the following Areas:
    --Spirituality & History -- Ms. Shantel Stewart-Reed, CEO Simply Beautiful Gifts & Novelties 
    --Personal Development -- Ms. Vernitra Thomas, CEO Vernitra Thomas Financials 
    --Health & Wellness -- Ms. Jessica Ann Cabanas, CEO Wild Spirit Rescue Resort
    --Small Business Consulting - Ms. Alicia Clark, CEO Inspiring Investments, LLC
    --Leadership Development -- Coach/Mentor Terence Winslow, CEO Terence Winslow Author LLC

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    test Episode

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                                 *** THIS IS A PRE-RECORDED SHOW AND WE WILL NOT BE TAKING ANY PHONE CALLS*** 
    We recently conducted a survey where participants were asked whether or not they had a documented process they consistently followed in order to achieve their financial goals. 36% of the respondents stated they had a documented process they followed; 43% stated they had a process but it wasn’t in writing; and 20% responded that they did not have a written process and don’t feel that having a written process is necessary. Bottom line, everyone has a process whether it’s documented or not, and every financial decision you make moves you closer or further away from your financial goals.  A written process helps to keep you focused (especially when life throws you an unexpected curve ball) and your actions consistent which gives rise to quality decisions.  If you have a process that’s working for you, i.e. moving you towards your financial goals, great! If not, or your process needs a little fine tuning I’d like to share with you a process that gets results!
    Join us and learn the 3 basic financial documents you'll ever need to help get your financial house in order. Here how this proven process can move you from where you are to where you want to be!

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    David Young from Caliber Home Loans

    in Real Estate

    Check out this in depth interview with David Young

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    Premier Broadcast - What are we and how can we help?

    in Entrepreneur

    Facing life at 50 with less than $100K in the bank is not an uncommon thing and the average is around $87,000.00.  We followed our heritage and invested in cds, stocks, 401Ks and IRS that are making less that they ever have.  
    I started to research what other options are out there.  The stumbliing block for most of us is that most financial institutions want a minumum of $10,000.00 or more to start building your portfolio.  For years I thouroughly believed this and let my money get exhauted and rott in 401Ks.  
    What I have found is that there are many ways to start with as little as $25 dollars and these avenues have varying risk but even least risky investment is making 13% and above.  In my case I took a bit riskier approach and have reaped 150% gains.  I know this sounds like many folks out there trying to steal your money but I am an average Joe and it does work.  
    Having the confidence to take that first step and dip the toe in the water paralized me for over 30 years.  Now that I jumped in I can really say "the water's better than fine".  Setting up multiple streams based on my palate for risk has allowed me to support my self without working for 9 months, produced enough revenue to invest in other avenues and even buy a small marketing franchise.
    Within the next three years I hope to totally become social security free.  And of course I want to share this with those that want a path or a roadmap.  It is not hard and I will help all I can as I now do not feel as chained to an existance of working for others.

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