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    country radio

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    test show

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    Do Better Business with Legendary Value Part 2

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    Do Business Better with Legengary Value - Part 2
    It's a matter of knowing what to do, and how to do it. Business can be tricky, and if you want to increase your profits and bottom line, then our special guest Ann Graham can certainly help you out. Watch your level of excitment rise as we talk about 5 tips that you can implement starting today, to explode your profits.
    This Episode:  Doing Better Business with Legendary Value
    (Part 2 of 2)
    If this seems a little too far fetched, then just wait until you listen to her incredible manner and legendary value tips. Truly amazing: more information at http://www.legendaryvalue.com/
    Claim your free Legendary Value Business Pack at wealthy@legendaryvalue.com
    You will be amazed on what she has can do for your business.
    A remarkable episode, and truly not to be missed.
    David Cummings Business Video Marketing Strategies

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    Organized Planning Revisited

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    The sixth step toward riches detailed in Napolean Hill's book "Think And Grow Rich" is Organized Planning.   It is the crystallization of desire into action.  We started this topic last week but do to technical difficulties, we did not complete the topic.  We will revisit once again this week.

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    Using Books and Drip Marketing as a Consultant

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    When it comes to makreting your consulting practice, authority and value proposition are the two things you must achieve.
    Positioning yourself as the authority is not new to many when it comes to marketing, but most mistakenly hold back from delivering too much value right up front - until AFTER the sale.
    On today's show I will cover how you can become an author by writing your own book (be that traditional, ebook, self-published), and how to use the concept of Drip Marketing to market even more effectively.

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    Guests: Heather Henderson Hill and Tino Luciano

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    Charmaine welcomes Heather Henderson Hill and Tino Luciano to the show. Over many years, Heather Henderson Hill has been working to support others with their daily wins, opportunities and challenges. She has been a busy mom, a career woman, a mentor, a leader, and a supporter.   She has always maintained a passion for education, for growing youth and for growing teachers and new leaders. Serving in a variety of educational leadership positions from teacher, principal, superintendent, and director in three Canadian provinces, as well as working with City University of Seattle, and a Not for Profit organization in Calgary, has given Heather the opportunity to understand leadership in the 21st Century and how we need to adapt to a new paradigm.   Following over (30) thirty years in education and in educational leadership, Heather now devotes her time to executive coaching, consulting, writing, speaking and facilitating workshops.  She speaks from the heart and shares her message with audiences in search of a new way of thinking about leadership.  Website:  www.heatherhendersonhill.com
    Tino Luciano, Executive Producer/Director of Law Dog Productions is bringing back classic westerns with wholesome content for the entire family and is in pre-production for his film "The Reckoning of Scarlet Waters".  Based on more than 20 years of dedicated experience, Law Dog Productions, is devoted to providing the highest quality production entertainment for film, television and internet broadcast.  Website:  www.lawdogproductions.com Host Charmaine Hammond known as The Bounce Forward expert is a sought after expert in leadership, team resilience, and courageous dialogue. As a professional speaker and corporate trainer, she helps teams move beyond the barriers to success.   Website:  www.hammondgroup.biz

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    MyTalkabout - Awareness - An Entrepreneur s Tool

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    Every business owner has moments where they feel like ‘nothing is happening’ or ‘I’ve been really busy, but I haven’t achieved anything’.  In most cases this is not true, it is just the calm before the next storm of activity.  This BusinessLife Real Deal will help you plan to achieve, as well as help you to recognize just how amazing you are!! Who are you?
    Who is your audience?
    What problem do you solve?
    What makes you different?
    Have you ever felt that your destined for more? During this Awareness Coaching Series, we are exploring together with you the smartest decisions you can make and what is needed for you to make those decisions.
    This series of broadcast is designed to provide you with the ongoing value of awareness, and with that opportunity to increase revenues to your business.  

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    Job Discrimination Conference Call - 001

    in Legal

    Call in and discuss your job discrimination case, for the record.

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    EPX BODY!!!!

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    The Middle Class Trap

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    Today Most Americans Find Themselves in a Financial Limbo, they have enough money to afford to pay their lifestyle and basic needs (House, Car, Food, Clothes, Vacations, Some Comforts) BUT typically are going into Debt every month, OR simply HAVE to Keep Working at a Job they DO NOT like to afford Living, and are One Crisis away from losing it all. 
    In this Episode we will discuss the MIDDLE CLASS TRAP, how to recognize if you are in the MIDDLE CLASS TRAP,
    How to avoid it and How to get out of the MIDDLE CLASS TRAP!!
    Hosted by Jeffrey Rincon, Co Hosted by Chander Singh and Adeola Adejobi

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    Kelly Ann

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    Are you ready to live the life you deserve and FINALLY get what you want? In Intelligent Women Get What They Want, author Kelly Anne Zielinski takes you through a series of “Intelligent Steps” that will educate, empower and inspire you to make intentional shifts in your life and light a metaphoric fire under your buns! You will learn how to live intelligently and ditch any nonsense that is being tolerated, performing mundane tasks, and sacrificing your true potential. The trade-off is living life by your own design! So, are you ready to live intelligently and get what you want? Your power starts right here right now.

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