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    3 Keys to Being an Effective Change Maker

    in Entrepreneur

    In the quest to create highly effective Change Makers, Social Entrepreneurs, NGO Campaign Strategists and Quantum Activists, this month’s show introduces the idea of taking a holistic approach to mission strategy planning. By incorporating a mind, body, spirit and metaphysical approach to our missions, we can not only become more effective, but use the Undefeatble Laws of Nature to achieve our missions despite impossible odds.
    Nicola Grace, The Mission Mentor and Transformation Leader Edward Mannix take you on a journey in this podcast, to where you can tap into your greater abilities of materialization. You will learn: Why The Law of Attraction, creative visualization, and other manifestation techniques often fail to get the desired results and what to do instead; The #3 most important keys to being an effective Change Maker and achieving your missions.
    By the time you’ve finished listening to this broadcast, you’ll be inspired you can make a bigger difference, move past seemingly impossible obstacles and bring your grand ideas for change into reality.
    Join Edward and Nicola in this groundbreaking show, sure to uplift and transform they way you think about how you work.

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    Safety, Security and Real Estate! Featured Guest is Police Chief Mike Brodnax

    in Real Estate

    The featured guest is the Chief of Police – Mike Brodnax. Congratulations to the City of Rowlett, recently voted the #1 small town to move to! Chief Brodnax will provide valuable safety and security tips related to real estate. Tune in for the LIVE show to listen for the following information:
    Safety Tips for Home Owners:
    How to secure your personal items while a real estate broker markets your property for sale, such as jewelry, weapons and gifts during the holiday season
    How to secure your property while a real estate broker markets your property for sale, such as windows, exterior doors and security alarms
    Safety Tips for Realtors:
    How to be safe while holding open houses
    How to be safe when meeting new customers and clients
    You do not want to miss out on hearing Chief Brodnax on the iHeart Real Estate Radio Show. To contact me - Realtor Rochelle - visit www.Realtor-Rochelle.com.
    For a FREE home analysis of your home and neighborhood, visit www.iHeartRealEstateRadio.com.

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    Happy Thanksgiving PreRecorded.

    in Finance

    This week we're going to be talking about Wealth Killers. Are you aware of all of the things that are happening to your money? America is swimming inTaxes, Infation, Debt and Usury, Remember TIDU? The United States government is spending money at a rate of $121,067 per second! Think about Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, Libya and the list continues to grow. Our government has become a "Kleptocracy,"which means a government by those who seek chiefly status and personal gain at the expense of the governed.Think of it as the New Aristocracy! How is this being done you ask?
    Let's talk about fractional lending. If you never heard of this before, you wont believe what you're going to hear. You will start to understand how fractional lending works and how it affects the purchasing power of your money.You don't have to remain a member of the"BOHICIAN TRIBE,"(Bend Over Here It Comes Again) Follow "Finance Made Simple" and you'll start to understand how all of this effects YOU! Your host Knox Bates will introduce you to the 4 biggest "WEALTH KILLERS" in your lives! Taxes Inflation, Debts and Usury. Find out what you can do to LIMIT the damages of Taxes, Inflation, Debts and Usury payments.Get the tools that will allow you to STOP the THEFT of your FAMILY'S ASSETS! Don't you become a victim of the WEALTH KILLERS!

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    A Parents Love

    in Social Networking

    This show will Face the pain, love and the challenges from abandonment and possible Suicide tendencies. When a Parent Leaves their child. Do they fall part? Or do they use it to drive them to Success and successful careers.

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    Episode 44 - We are Changing Our Format

    in Business

    Welcome to the Launch Ladies Online Marketing Cafe Podcast Episode 44.
    This is to be our last podcast in this format as we are switching to a webinar format.
    We will still be talking about very much the same kind of subject matter but will have the added benefit of being able to include screen-shares and video.
    If you would like to follow us with this new weekly webinar format you can do so by signing up at http://thelaunchladies.com/webinar
    The webinars will, of course, be recorded and will be made available for later viewing via a special subscriber's website. Subscription is still free.
    We also discuss our new 8 part series on the steps you need to create your own magic marketing machine and we will go into each of these 8 steps in later webinars starting the second week in December.
    In other news Meredith asks for input from entrepreneurs and the questions they have when it comes to deciding what CRM/Email Marketing/E-Commerce platform they need to fulfill their business. She is writing an 'Ultimate Guide'  for Firepole Marketing's blog contest and your input will go to form part of that guide. So send your thoughts and questions to m@magicmarketingmachine.com

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    Everything Talk

    in Business

    Where we talk about everything!

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    Nu Vi?t Radio

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    1st "To Be" Then "To Do"

    in Entrepreneur

    In our business and personal lives "to do" lists are very much present. Whether it is a household "to do" list or a business "to do" list we find ourselves planning short and long terms goals in "to do" lists. However, if we  pause for a moment ad think it through we will actually see how accomplishing the items on our "to do" lists is impacted a lot by who we are or what our business is (who runs things, staff etc).
    In order for our "to do" list to be effective - i.e. to accomplish the goal of getting those things done, we certainly need to pay attention to another list that should be created and addresses prior, a "to be" list.
    So you want to double your sales next year, so you want to get a better job next year? well, that is great!! but let us start by identifying the things that YOUR COMPANY or YOU need to be in order to make those goals accomplishable. 
    Join us on this informative and valuable round table discussions where we will together, learn how to inventory the personal and business resources that we have and identifying tjose that we need in order to accomplish our personal and business goals.
    See you on the call. - Spread the Word and Invite a Friend or 2.

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    Real Talk About Real Estate: Is This a Good Time to Buy or Sell?

    in Real Estate

    Real Talk About Real Estate: Is This a Good Time to Buy or Sell?
    Highlights of the show:           
    - Real Estate Market is generally based on the Current Economy among other factors
    - According to the National Association of Realtors, Median Home Prices are expected to                 rise 6% next year (down from an 11% gain this year.)
    - Inventory Shortage is now at a 13-year low and will not go away (as foreclosures  and                shortsales have slowed down)
    - Though Interest rates have been below 6% for5 years, they have risen slightly along w/tight lending standards which still affects buyers needing home loans
    - Thus, Higher home prices, less inventory and higher interest rates = Sellers Market
    Ms. Geralyn Casunuran, of Lee and Jackson Financial Services, Inc. and Professional Realty, has been a Realtor in the industry for 13 years.  For more information and your complimentary consultation, please contact her at: (805) 630-8047 or send her an email at:  geralyn.prorealty@gmail.com.
    "Until next time, Stay REAL!"

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    From teacher to all star blogger. Loud Mouth talks to Heidi Gray

    in Marketing

    How do you go from a hometown school teacher to becoming the founder and chief blogger for a  top savings and lifestyle blog with it's own spin on social good? 
    On the next Loudmouthmarketing podcast, we'll talk to Heidi Gray, full time blogger, mom and philanthropist with a few miles of wisdom to share on how she got started as a blogger and what keeps her inspired.
    Join us this Friday at 1pm eastern. Call in lines will be open.(646) 200-4021


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