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A call in motivational, informative podcast for people in job transition. A presentation of Evil Bunny Consulting, LLC.

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For those in job transition.
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For people in transition. SNseminars.com #SNSeminars ChiChiOkezie.com How can people brand themselves? Pick a few brands that resonate with you Make sure everything you do is related to your brand and is consistent, Make... more

For people in transition. Hal Coleman TheNetworkingNinja.com 3 Types of Networkers - Networking Normals - Networking Ninjas - Networking Nincompoops

Howard Cattie Howard@CareerOyster.com The World is your Oyster -- Be the Pearl! Behavioral Interview Questions by groups - Goals achieved - Mistake in decision making - Stress / pressure / challenge / deadlines - Time management... more

For people in transition. Books mentioned: Napoleon Hill - Outwitting The Devil James Allen - As a Man Thinketh Stephen Covey - The 3rd Alternative Steve Beecham can be found at SteveBeecham.com Bassackwardbusiness.com... more

Business Cards - where to get them - Vistaprint - Walmart - what are they for - make it easy for people to remember who you are and what you do. Should convey the same info as resume. - what should be on it? - name, phone... more

For people in transition.

For people in job transition. http://www.danjourdan.com http://www.remedystaff.com

Articles of the week: PhDs on Food Stamps 1 in 2 Recent Grads unemployed or underemployed Respect our moods Trust that the fear you feel is a fraction of the fear we feel Join the fight, or stay out of it Don't believe all you hear on TV... more

For people in job transition.

For people in job transition. Should I stop applying online altogether? Can you ALWAYS find the pain in a job posting? Do you ever find hiring managers that don't want to be contacted directly? What should you wear when you meet with... more