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Chronological - a history of you
Functional - What you can do

Should you customize the resume for the job? If you are applying for jobs for which you are well qualified for, your resume should already have the relevant keywords. Act like it's a dating application - do you want to emphasize your past loves or what you can do with your next one? 

It's an art, not a science. Tell what you're strengths are, pick 4-6 "core competencies" that you can speak strongly about,  

Pick 2-3 bullets from your resume or from your past jobs that support the core competencies you listed above. If you can't pick 2-3 bullets for each competency, you might need to rethink the competencies you listed. The competencies are not "things I'd like to do, they are things you have done. Well. And can show that you have done them. If you can put numbers in the bullets all the better.

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