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The Bully Proof Classroom


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When fear hits our emotions, we become overwhelmed and stressed out, causing us to go into survival mode with the fight or flight mechanism taking over. In classrooms where bullies have control and power struggles are common, the... more

Trying to explain to a child, or even at times an adult, the reason ?whys? or ?why nots? related to certain behaviors can at times can be frustrating (and with our own children can be frightening.). ?Don't drink and drive,? ?don't... more

This show was pre-recorde We have all heard of the acronym KISS; keep it simple stupid. Sometimes we as educators can be bombarded by so many new programs and philosophies that we feel as if we are lost in the sauce and don't... more

If you were to pick up a textbook on educational methodology and looked through it you would find models that educators have used for years. And I mean for years. A current textbook will have the same models in it that were considered... more

Thoughts about different countries, races, religions, ethnicities,intertwined with current events can enter homes with the click of a remote. Do families talk about the news? Of course they do.

Diana Clark began Youth Conflict Resolution Center, Inc. (YCRC) in 2003 with several mediators from Dispute Mediation Services in Dallas, Texas. After the untimely passing of Co-Founder, Christine Opsahl in 2005, Diana became the... more

Alex Rennie is a Cofounder and Managing Director of A.B.L.E., Anti-Bullying-LeadershipExperience, an interactive workshop & video-based learning system/curriculum addressing bullying and cyber-bullying. Alex is the... more

Often times when we hear things or see things that require us to take action we become fearful and often can rationalize it away. This can be done by convincing ourselves that it is not as serious as we thought, the kids were only kidding, or... more

Tiffany is a former elementary school teacher, mother, and a survivor of bullying. As a former teacher, she saw children struggle with self acceptance; especially after being bullied. It seemed that the after effects or the damage of bullying... more

This Show Was Pre-Recorded Kids who are bullied can be so filled with fear that they avoid school, social events, and ultimately life.
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