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9 Reasons Why Quantitative Easing Is Bad For The U.S. Economy http://theeconomiccollapseblog.com/archives/9-reasons-why-quantitative-easing-is-bad-for-the-u-s-economy 1 Quantitative Easing Will Damage The Value Of The U.S. Dollar Each time you add a new dollar to the system, it decreases the value of each existing dollar by just a little bit. 2 Inflation Is Going To Hit Already Struggling U.S. Consumers Really Hard Already, investors have been fleeing from the U.S. dollar and other paper currencies and have been flocking to commodities, precious metals and oil. #3 Once An Inflationary Spiral Gets Going It Is Really Hard To Stop The Federal Reserve is playing a very dangerous game by flirting with inflation. Once an inflationary spiral gets going, it is really difficult to stop. #4 Inflation Is A Hidden Tax On Every American Tens of millions of Americans have worked incredibly hard to save up a little bit of money. These Americans are counting on that money to pay for a home, or to pay for retirement or to pay for the education of their children. Well, inflation is like a hidden tax on all of those savings. #5 The Solution To The Housing Bubble Is Not Another Housing Bubble Today, approximately a third of all U.S. real estate is estimated to have negative equity. #6 More Quantitative Easing Threatens To Destabilize The Global Financial System We have already entered a time of increasing global financial instability, and the Federal Reserve is not going to help things by introducing hundreds of billions of new dollars into the game. #7 Quantitative Easing Is An Aggressive Move In A World Already On The Verge Of A Currency War Quantitative easing will likely help U.S. exporters by causing the value of the U.S. dollar to sink.