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Real people in recovery talk openly and honestly about alcoholism and recovery. Real People. Real stories. Real hope.

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This week on The Bubble Hour we will continue our discussion about what to put in your Recovery Toolbox. In Part 1, we discussed some great reading materials, and in Part 2 we extend the conversation to comfort food, activities, self-care... more

Many people think that recovery from drug and alcohol addiction is a lost cause when in reality there are approximately 25-40 million people who consider themselves to be in active, stable long-term recovery. Based on those numbers,... more

?I need a drink? is a common catch phrase people use to sum up a bad day. The culture is rife with advice that a ?nice glass of wine? is all it will take to feel better about whatever challenges life dishes up. So, when we are faced with big health... more

It's a simple question that can cause a person in recovery to stammer incoherently: "What would you like to drink?" After years of ordering a go-to favorite that is now forbidden, it can be hard to answer that question truthfully.... more

Sarah Allen Benton is author of the book, 'Understanding the High Functioning Alcoholic' , and is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor (LMHC) and therapist at McLean Hospital in MA. She has been featured in a NY Times article by Jane... more

As the song says, "Let's start at the very beginning. A very good place to start..." For those in recovery, the starting point of every day is willingness. Willingness to be honest about our relationship to alcohol and about our behavior and... more

The earliest stages of recovery are marked by an inkling that something needs to change, and a budding curiosity emerges to ask such questions as: ?What is normal drinking?? ?How much is too much?? ?Am I an alcoholic?? And ?how do... more

What image comes to your mind when you hear the term 'alcoholic'? A man with a bottle under a bridge?...A woman with smeared lipstick who drinks every day, can't hold a job and doesn't take care of her kids? Unfortunately, our society... more

As we begin to change our lives in recovery, we find that ?not drinking? is about so much more than what is in the glass we raise to our lips. The tools for recovery include the books we read, the activities we enjoy, and the new healthy... more

Did you grow up in a home with a problem drinker? If you did, you may have been impacted more than you know. Adult Children of Alcoholics share several common characteristics. They tend to feel different or isolated and uneasy with other... more
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