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Real people in recovery talk openly and honestly about alcoholism and recovery. Real People. Real stories. Real hope.

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On The Bubble Hour, we often talk about ways to protect our sobriety. We have suggested removing all the alcohol from your home and avoiding events where there will be alcohol served. But what do you do when you live with someone who drinks? Whether they are a normal drinker or a heavy drinker, this can be very challenging. On this episode we talk with our guests about how they handled getting sober while living with someone who drinks.
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We are thrilled to have a Special Guest, Ann Dowsett Johnston, author of "Drink, The Intimate Relationship Between Women and Alcohol" on our show! While women over the past few decades have been closing the gender gap in their... more

We are thrilled to have Ann Dowsett Johnston, author of "Drink, The Intimiate Relationship Between Women and Alcohol" on our show! While women over the past few decades have been closing the gender gap in their professional and... more

On this show we will talk about balance - in life and in recovery. Our co-host, Lisa N., has a lot of exciting things happening in her life, and she is taking a hiatus from co-hosting the show for awhile. We will talk to her about this... more

Please join us for a frank and lively discussion about going to rehab to treat alcoholism. Co-Hosts Amanda, Ellie and Lisa will discuss rehab in general: do I need to go? what are some symptoms of alcohol withdrawal? what is the... more

There is an epidemic of addiction in our country, especially amongst younger people, and it is EVERYWHERE. In this show will talk with Jeff Bertolet, a father who is in recovery himself and whose daughter Morgan is recovering from a... more

We hear often that acceptance is key in both getting sober and staying sober. But what does this really mean? What does acceptance mean to you? We know that in order to get sober, we must accept that we are powerless over drugs... more

One major issue that keeps people stuck in the cycle of alcoholism, even when they know they have a problem, or a niggling doubt that their drinking is getting worse, is SHAME. On this episode we will hear from six women who are brand... more

More and more, we hear about Recovery Advocacy. But what does that really mean? Why should we care about Recovery Advocacy? What resources are out there? How can people get involved? We get these questions frequently, and... more

Guilt and shame are frequently thought of as the same concept, and the terms are often used interchangeably, they seem to go hand in hand; however, they are not the same. Both emotions involve concepts of ?wrong? behavior or having... more

Have you ever been curious about Recovery Coaching and other recovery paths? We're very excited to have Joy Rigberg, Founder of Next Step Recovery Coaching as a guest on our show! As an Addiction Recovery & Life Coach, Joy blends... more
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