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Real people in recovery talk openly and honestly about alcoholism and recovery. Real People. Real stories. Real hope.

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We were very excited to have Greg Williams, Creator of the full length documentary film The Anonymous People on our show! The Anonymous People is a documentary film about the over 23 million Americans living in long-term recovery from alcohol and other drug addiction. Social stigma have kept recovery voices silent and faces hidden for decades. Courageous addiction recovery advocates have come out of the shadows and are organizing to end discrimination and move toward recovery-based solutions. The Anonymous People story is told through the faces and voices of citizens, leaders, volunteers, corporate executives, public figures, and celebrities who are laying it all on the line to save the lives of others just like them. Learn more about the Anonymous People by going to the website HERE, and/or liking their Facebook page HERE.
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As the song says, "Let's start at the very beginning. A very good place to start..." For those in recovery, the starting point of every day is willingness. Willingness to be honest about our relationship to alcohol and about our behavior and... more

The earliest stages of recovery are marked by an inkling that something needs to change, and a budding curiosity emerges to ask such questions as: ?What is normal drinking?? ?How much is too much?? ?Am I an alcoholic?? And ?how do... more

What image comes to your mind when you hear the term 'alcoholic'? A man with a bottle under a bridge?...A woman with smeared lipstick who drinks every day, can't hold a job and doesn't take care of her kids? Unfortunately, our society... more

As we begin to change our lives in recovery, we find that ?not drinking? is about so much more than what is in the glass we raise to our lips. The tools for recovery include the books we read, the activities we enjoy, and the new healthy... more

Did you grow up in a home with a problem drinker? If you did, you may have been impacted more than you know. Adult Children of Alcoholics share several common characteristics. They tend to feel different or isolated and uneasy with other... more

Denial is a defense mechanism that allows a person – despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary – to deny that something is true, when in fact, it is true. It is one of the most powerful and difficult problems that... more

You're doing great: you've built a secure sober bubble at home. You've dumped all the booze, you've built a network of sober people to support you, you're praying and reading about recovery, you've stocked up on candy or started an... more

We have experienced the far-reaching impact of our addictions on every aspect of our lives. We have heard that the damage is physical, mental, and spiritual. It stands to reason that our recovery should expand to encompass and heal all... more

Many of us spend years agonizing over the question..."am I an alcoholic?" before finally admitting to ourselves that "yes, I am an alcoholic". Saying those words out loud for the first time takes a whole lot of courage...and that's just... more

You've kept sober for a year, doing daily work to shine gentle, healing light on the roots of your disease, to heal yourself and your relationships, and to recover the core of who you are. A sober birthday is a cause for celebration! Then... more
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