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Re-Broadcast: Let's Talk About Denial

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Denial is a defense mechanism that allows a person – despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary – to deny that something is true, when in fact, it is true.  It is one of the most powerful and difficult problems that Alcoholics and Drug Addicts face beforeduring, AND after treatment, because it is always the thinking that precedes the act of picking up a drink or a drug.
If you have a drinking problem, you may deny it by:


  • Drastically underestimating how much you drink
  • Downplaying the negative consequences of your drinking
  • Complaining that family and friends are exaggerating the problem
  • Blaming your drinking or drinking-related problems on others

If any of these symptoms sound familiar to you, or someone you love, or if you're struggling with drinking, please listen to this informative and important show.

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