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Revenue Share is a program at BlogTalkRadio where hosts can earn a portion of the revenue from the advertisements generated on your show. We've compiled these FAQ's to help you learn more about how Revenue Share works. Simply click on the question below to view the answer.

Revenue Sharing Program

How does the Revenue Share program work?

BlogTalkRadio's Revenue Sharing program is designed to share a percentage of advertising revenue with our hosts. By signing up for the Revenue Sharing program, you will receive 35% of the total net revenue generated by advertising on your show. And, if the sponsor lead is brought to BTR by you and that lead turns into a contracted deal, you will receive 50% of that total net revenue from your show.


How do I participate?

Visit this page to read details and agree to the terms. You will be automatically included in the program. According to the details of the program, you will be sent your share of revenue via Paypal.

If I do not opt-in to Revenue share, will I have ads on my shows?


Per our Terms of Use, BlogTalkRadio reserves the right to run any type of advertising (display, video and/or audio) on all BlogTalkRadio shows.  If you do not opt-in to Revenue Share, this will not exclude advertisements from running on your shows.

When will I start earning money?

Revenue Share earnings began to accrue from when you opt-in to Revenue Share.

How much can I expect to earn?


For most of our hosts, the compensation will be minimal. However, as your show grows in audience, so too can your earnings. National advertisers and big companies are interested in large numbers of impressions and the more listeners your show has, the more you can expect to earn.


As a host, am I required to place a badge or player on my own web site or blog to participate in the Revenue Sharing program?


Yes. BlogTalkRadio's Revenue Sharing program requires that you place a BlogTalkRadio badge or show player on your own web site or blog. Doing so significantly increases the number of listeners who find your shows, making your profile and show pages higher value to advertisers. Find these on BlogTalkRadio inside My BlogTalkRadio -> My show page, and then click on 'Promote this show' graphic on the right-hand side. Place one or more on your blog, MySpace page or other web site, then opt-in to the Revenue Sharing program and begin earning money.


What if I do not wish to participate?


There is no requirement to participate and you can continue to air your show on BlogTalkRadio. You will not, however, be eligible to receive any commissions from ads that run in your show. And, as part of the Terms of Use hosts cannot air unapproved advertising in their shows on BlogTalkRadio.



What if I have a sponsor that only wants ads in my show?


When you opt-in to the program, you will receive a page address to visit where you can enter your advertiser's information. You must include their payment information and upload an .mp3 of their 10 -30 second commercial. BlogTalkRadio will ensure that the ad airs during your live and archived shows.


What if I have a sponsor interested in advertising on other shows on BlogTalkRadio?


Contact our Advertising Team and a representative will work with you on this opportunity.


Will I receive money from ads that run in other shows?


No. Each host will only be compensated for advertising that runs in their show (audio) or on their profile page (display ads).


What if I don't bring in sponsors on my own?

BlogTalkRadio sells programs to National advertisers and sponsors interested in multiple shows or categories. There will be ads that run in your show that come from these programs. As long as you are a participant in the Revenue Sharing program, you will receive 35% of the revenue from these ads.


Can I choose the advertisers that BlogTalkRadio runs on my shows and pages?


No. The ads that run are at our discretion, but we strive to serve the highest paying, highest quality ads possible. We follow a strict policy not to serve any ads that interfere with the user experience, may be offensive or competitive in nature. If you find a particular ad not appropriate for your show please send an email to Advertising Team.


Can I choose to not have ads run in my show or on my profile page?


Currently, no. In order to continue to provide our services free of charge, BlogTalkRadio needs to be able to generate revenue by selling advertising across the network. In the future, we will offer those hosts that do not run ads the option of paying to use the service.


Can I negotiate my own deals with sponsors and advertisers? Can I run the advertising myself?


Per the terms of the Terms of Use all advertising will be managed and served by BlogTalkRadio. If hosts choose to run their own sponsorships, they will not be included in the Revenue Sharing program and will forfeit any revenues from advertising that BlogTalkRadio places in their show or on their profile page.


Can guests promote their products or companies on my show?


Yes. There is a difference between your show content and advertising/sponsorship. For example: if you have an author as a guest on your show, that author can promote their new book. Or, if you are doing a show about a certain product, you can certainly talk about that product. A 'plug' does not invalidate your inclusion in the Revenue Sharing program. The distinction between content and advertising is in the message. "Brought to you by" or "made possible by" is advertising as well as a "call-to-action" message, whether that be live or pre-recorded. Your host liaison can answer any questions if in doubt.

How do the ads run in my show?


BlogTalkRadio's ad server will track and place the audio ads in the specified shows. And, our reporting system will track what ads run in which shows and calculate the portion of the Revenue Sharing for each host. Likewise, display ads that run on host profile pages on the player or in the message boards will be tracked and reported.


How do the audio pre-roll ads work?


It's simple. BlogTalkRadio schedules the advertiser's audio file in our ad server and your listeners will then hear a commercial just after the BlogTalkRadio introduction you hear currently and just before your show starts. There is nothing you required on your part.


How many ads will run in my show?


Initially, there will only be one ad unit - no longer than 30 seconds - that will run at the beginning of each show. As demand increases, we may look to increase this and run ads in the middle or at the end of shows.


What kinds of ads will run on my shows?


We serve ads for many different advertisers and products across our network. But we focus on selling and scheduling highly targeted campaigns that are relevant to your content and users.


How is pricing set and how do you determine what to charge advertisers?


Different pricing models are used depending on the type of campaign the advertiser purchases. In some cases it will be a flat rate fee while in others the advertiser will pay based on how many clicks they receive or how many products they sell. Often an advertiser will pay a certain amount to reach a specific number of impressions (listener's eyes and ears). Therefore, the shows with larger audiences will often command larger percentages of an advertising buy. Also, you can view BTR's Media Kit and Rate Card.


Why do different ads run on different shows?


Different advertisers stipulate different goals for where they want their ads to run (i.e. what show, content category, demographic, etc.)


Will I have to change/ do anything in the set up of my radio show to allow for audio ads to run?


No. All the scheduling and set up is handled by BlogTalkRadio - and will not affect the production, timing or set up of your show in any way.



How can I increase the revenue I make from my show?


The most important thing that you, the host, can do to increase your earnings from the Revenue Sharing program is to focus on your show quality, promote your show and grow your listenership. A good promotional plan including the use of the BTR embedded flash player will generate more archived listeners.


Can I sign my show up for an Affiliate program?


No. Hosts can only secure flat-fee sponsorship deals or CPM (Cost Per Thousand) advertisers for their shows and show pages. BlogTalkRadio already works with all of the major affiliate networks on site-wide, remnant-inventory campaigns. Hosts are free to sign up for programs such as these on their own blogs or webpages, however.


I've been contacted by a company and they will pay me a fee for every sale my site generates. Can I participate in the Revenue Sharing with my BTR show?


No. The audio ads in your show and the banner ads on your page cannot be used for CPA (Cost Per Acquisition), affiliate programs or Ad Networks. The sales are impossible to track and we would be unable to pay the proper commissions to you, the host. And, BlogTalkRadio works with all of the ad networks and affiliate programs on 'run of network' campaigns already. You are free, however, to sign up for these programs for your own webpage or blog.


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