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News,opinion,observations and humor from the one and only btowntruth.

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The ancestral Saturday night homeground is revisited yet again by btowntruth and his merry band of characters and voices in his head, Got a nice steaming pile of internet radio goodness coming your way tonight, No script and no net...but they... more

A return to the classic broadcast night of a classic......wait,this aint a classic radio show. Ninety minutes on a Saturday night with your hero and mine....and his......btowntruth. 90 minutes of news from all over,some more poor attempts at... more

Eight years of btowntruth and we continue the btowntruththiness with this here thing. 90 minutes in late prime time for us here tonight. Seems there may be much to talk about so if the voices will let btowntruth get a word in edgewise he... more

Back on the old home field that is Saturday Night with your old pal btowntruth. Going to take up 90 minutes of time with our ususal brand of noise. Tunes,poor attempts at humor,some toics,and more of that btowntruthiness that has been a... more

Broadcasting can be a great thing....serving the public,sharing ideas,and making communities better and more informed. Then there is the stuff that we do :-) Seriously though,time once again for a LIVE broadcast of the btowntruth Radio... more

Saturday Night in the greater Beardstown metroplex brings us our hero btowntruth as he does btowntruthy things btowntruthily. Got to love someone who makes up his own words like that huh? Freeform radio at its freeform radioest,not sure... more

So once again a return to the old home territory of Saturday Night in the Greater Beardstown Metroplex. Alumni Weekend........which explains the smell......no,wait,that's the river water and the JBS innit? Or is it the Alumni? Got... more

Mid week blues? This won't make them any better LOL. So your old friends here at the bRN got a 90 minute pass into the studios......so,you lucky listeners,that means more fantabulous (is that even a word?) broadcasting on the internet... more

More short notice internet radio stuff.Because btowntruth,that's why. So we got ninety minutes to do what we feel like doing. News and "humor" and tunes and shoutouts and the BWJOTW. So get snuggled in on a Sunday Night with good... more

This is......Charlie,this one's for you......