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News,opinion,observations and humor from the one and only btowntruth.

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The hybrid continues. btowntruth Radio Network Newwwwwwwwwwws plus the unabashed btowntruthiness (we made a new word there) of btowntruth and his version of radio goodness. And it IS radio goodness.Just bleeping ask us. Oh,and we speak the three main dialects of Beardstownese as well. And commentaries too...oh,and we got characters......ooooooooh do we have characters. Why? Because we can. THIS is THE btiowntruth Radio Network.
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The hybrid of the bRNN and the btowntruth Radio Network continues. News,tunes,characters,maybe a bit of commentary (Hint,brush up on your foreign language). Diiferent direction? Maybe....but in case you haven't kept track for the... more

One of the great things about what "we" do is the flexibility to do this pretty much at any thime. Like this for preshow advertising...just going on the air. Because we can... THIS is THE btowntruth Radio Network.....and... more

This one is going to be a bit of a hybrid show. The hard news formal of btowntruth Radio Network News meets the hard rocking goofiness of The Lazy Show. Going to be sort of a half and half thing. Join us as we experiment.....kind of... more

The btowntruth Radio Network News team (The voices in btowntruths head) has been working to bring you news for this show. World.....state.....local...and maybe a bit of commentary. Oh,and some music too.....because we feel like it.... more

bRNN. Because we feel like it for sixty minutes.

Biographical title,it's. We played part one of the Dateline NBC piece last week. We have the second part this week. We also have some interesting news.....some interesting music....and some interesting voices in our heads as well. And... more

I got half a smile and zero shame. I got a reflection with a different name. Got a brand new blues I can't explain. Who did you think I was? WHO DID YOU THINK I WAS?? THIS is THE btowntruth Radio Network........

"Too Sexy" returns to host the show. He hates being called that....part of the reason why we told him he has to call himself that on-air. Heh heh. THIS is THE btowntruth Radio Network

Simple.Fun.Easy.Loose.....and no,we aint talking about how btowntruth likes his women....oh,wait..... Errrr we mean welcome to the 2014 Lazy Show. As usual,it is whatever we feel like playin' and sayin' THIS is THE btowntruth Radio Network.

Yeah. We are here.Still here. Haters still hate....but enough about the voices in my head.... Iiiiiiiiiiiiiiit's SHOWTIME. THIS is THE btowntruth Radio Network.