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Start off your week right......I know,if you wanted to start your week right you would not listen to this s%&t, And I know....we shouldn't be live....we should "go to pre-recorded so the cast and crew have time to make a getaway". Ha. Ha. Ha. But nonetheless,we persist here at the internationally known and world renowned btowntruth Radio Network. On this broadcast,more bRN Noooooz,the "guess the theme" segment,the "day in the life" "documentary" series,as well as the BWJOTW. live.....local.....LIUNA Friendly.... THIS is THE one and only,internationally known and world renowned btowntruth Radio Nettork on blogtalkradio.com. That's just the way it is.Some things will never change.
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  • 01:30
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I make my living off the evening news. Just give me something,something I can use. People love it when you lose. They love dirty laundry. A Monday Night show. News,tunes,SCCPBs,and good ol' btowntruth. Simple enough isn't it?... more

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Late Night with btowntruth. Simple really.We got a show.You can listen to it. Straight forward,huh? Live,local and LIUNA friendy. THIS is THE internationally known and world renowned btowntruth Radio Network on blogtalkradio.com

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The Greater Beardstown Metroplex is known for Pigs-R-Us,Watermelons,the Lincoln Courthouse........ And some idiot with an internet radio show. We are that idiot......the internationally known and world famous btowntruth.... more

btowntruth gets the voices in his head and the rest of them together and does another internet radio show. It's Beardstowns best kept secret and also at the same time something that is know literally worldwide with friends at every corner... more

Internet radio is what we have for you. Got time to listen? We got time to broadcast. Live,local,LIUNA friendly. THE btowntruth Radio Network.

Stop.Collaborate and listen. btowntruth is back with a brand new invention. Now if you read that to the tune of "Ice Ice Baby",you are just as not right as we are here. We have a 90 minute broadcast on a Saturday Night in THE... more

Let's see if the bet gets taken. We also have news,sports,weather,fun,music,and characters. Couple of new friends to mention as well. Live,Local,and LIUNA Friendly. It's btowntruth and no one else.

New Years Day. 2017 starts out with good old btowntruth and some internet radio radioness.....wait,that's not even a word. You get the news format tonight,and the BWJOTW. And we make an offer to a mayoral candidate...or at least begin to.... more