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"Too Sexy" returns to host the show. He hates being called that....part of the reason why we told him he has to call himself that on-air. Heh heh. THIS is THE btowntruth Radio Network

Simple.Fun.Easy.Loose.....and no,we aint talking about how btowntruth likes his women....oh,wait..... Errrr we mean welcome to the 2014 Lazy Show. As usual,it is whatever we feel like playin' and sayin' THIS is THE btowntruth Radio Network.

Yeah. We are here.Still here. Haters still hate....but enough about the voices in my head.... Iiiiiiiiiiiiiiit's SHOWTIME. THIS is THE btowntruth Radio Network.

We're back......but then again,we never really left. So we got lazy...our show,we can do what we want. A Sunday Night Special,this tune in and taste some Blues.... Live Local LIUNA Friendly....THE btowntruth Radio Network.

The last part of the series. Don't worry......the usual slop that we throw out there is coming back soo..... Or's our show.We call the shots. You listen. LIVE LOCAL LIUNA FRIENDLY THIS is THE btowntruth Radio Network

Simple enough. Bullies of ALL ages f*&^ing SUCK. Part three of our bullying series. Listen...learn...share...listen again... THIS is THE btowntruth Radio Network.

The last few shows have been the first two parts of our "Bullying" series. Part three is this coming weeeknd. This one,however,is the return of the "Lazy Show". TWO HOURS of fun with all your favorites BRN characters,cool tunes,and a... more

Title says it. Again,no characters,no "Beardstown Woman Joke Of The Week",no shoutouts. Straightforward broadcasting,it's. THIS is THE btowntruth Radio Network.

Simple enouigh titile innit? Sixty minutes of bullying reports and stories from various sources. The first of a two part series. Nothing funny.No characters.No jokes. Just this. Bullies young and old will hate...and I don't give a f**k.... more

Sometimes we throw it together.... This be one of those times.... LIVE...LOCAL...LIUNA FRIENDLY... THIS is THE btowntruth Radio Network