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This week

What I hate about FaceBook as a business owner and why that matters to you.

Show Overview
Looking at the general media there seem to be three distinct camps when it comes to talking about business: 1) the media that talk about business from their mega-corporate vantage point, 2) the group that talk about business as if it were the Anti-Christ, and 3) the group that seeks to change business to an extension of government bureaucracy. These are the voices you hear in everyday media right now about the topics that matter to business owners and executive managers.

How about hearing from the business owners and managers directly and skipping the middle-man? Can't business owners speak for themselves without the creative lobbying slant reinterpreting everything they say to mean something else entirely?

As a business owner or manager, wouldn't YOU like an opportunity to talk about those things that get you twisted and worried about how you're going to keep the lights on and your employees hired in this economy?

How about those special customers that think your retail store should be treated like their own personal garbage disposal and then complain to you that the store needs cleaning?

How about those customers who hire you to do one thing and then change their minds frequently throughout the process making your costs spiral out of control as you try to make them happy, only to have them give you a miserable review when it was all over?

Where is your voice on taxes, regulations, hiring issues, consultants, outsourcing, social media, and more?

That's what we're building right here - a SoapBox just for BUSINESS. Call in, sound off, and maybe some of our other listeners or guests have experiences or ideas on how to help you deal with those worries, irritations, and issues.

What do YOU need to sound off about?