Promoting Positive Art Expressions

Promoting Positive Art Expressions


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In light of recent events that have shaken our FB literary community,BRPP Network Radio feels a responsibility to have at least one, if not a series of shows on the evil that is known as Plagiarism!!! If you are a writer, period, you have probably experienced and/or felt the cold hands of this evil touch you and we must ban together as a true community, as one, to bring awareness to this issue and to stop it! If one writer's heartfelt and creative words are stolen, then we have all suffered a huge lose and together we mourn, so together we must warn!!!
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Urban fiction author and children's writer Niki Jilvontae talks candidly about how hard living in her youth in the southern city nicknamed First 48, Memphis, TN has impacted her writing. Niki credits a family member as the force behind her drive... more

Bambi F. Moore was born and raised in Brooklyn, NY. Bambi is an author who enjoys writing stories different from what everyone else is writing. Bambi's hobbies include listening to music, dancing (if you want to call it that), writing adult stuff... more

Interviews and Open Mic Sessions !!!!! Bring Your Ink & Paper So We Can Bleed Together !!!!!!! Join us tonight as we interview the beautifully talented Maryannette Beal aka M'Hagony and her Sinful Secrets. Don't be shy... just remember we all... more

Who is the Laughing Black Vampire? Steven Van Patten visits us this episode to tell us everything about him. Having worked on some of your favorite TV shows over the years on HBO, MTV, BET, and FuseTV, Steven Van Patten... more

I will be chatting with keith Kareem Williams and Keith Gatson. We will be talking about Blood & Vengeance, writing and the life of Male Authors

Interviews and Open Mic Sessions !!!!! Bring Your Ink & Paper So We Can Bleed Together !!!!!!! This week interviewing Author/Promoter/FB Group Creater Slyce aka Marilyn Brown as we sit and chat about what she has going on in the lab,... more

He/she meant the world to me....... I can't go on without him/her....... What am I going to do ?... I can't eat alone........ These are just surface questions and or statements, but the issue goes much deeper

Keith Taylor II has been a man at the helm of the crowd for years, a mentor, behind the podium of the sanctuary and in the jails and prisons, giving the people the good words for their souls. To expand his reach, Keith Taylor II has written... more

Competition: It makes life interesting. It forces one to go the extra mile to come out on top. Jordan Young makes a lifestyle of competition, consistently staying at the top of pack at Dimensions ENT, in the rapid fire world of commercial... more

Rosalind Cherry aka The Cherry Bomb gets it in with Marilyn Brown aka Slyce about her Re-release of "Dream Killers" coming December 1, 2014. These two ladies will give you a glimpse into the writer and author Slyce and her books.... more