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Symone Johnson, a 29 female Dr. Phil, is a well-known and successful counselor who thrives on helping troubled couples. With her simple approach, ?Confess, Assess, and Address, then you can eliminate stress? With two sisters married and with children, Symone faces the hardships of an overbearing mother whom takes it upon herself to play cupid with her life and won't take no for an answer. Dating for Symone isn't easy either, then again it never is for the daughter of a prominent pastor. Her life is under a magnifying glass being a member of the First Family. Every step she makes is scrutinized and judged, and she has to make daddy look good at all times. When a forbidden love ensues, will Symone follow the word of GOD and live according to her overbearing parents, or will she follow the beat of her heart? No matter the choice, things are about to get real in the Johnson compound!
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The Cherry Bomb and Mocha(butter)fly go in with the Legendary Host and Poet Nathan Pearson has he talks about his life in poetry and spoken word, being one of the most legendary host to grace the stages of many venues in NYC... more

Legendary Host Nathan P. and his beautfil Co-Host Tina Wright delve into the statement "Once a Cheater always a Cheater?" Do you agree? Disagree? Is it possible for a cheater to change his/her ways or are they like those Leopards... more

A survivor of epilepsy, bullying, and other abuse as a child, poet Lisa Lockhart has taken her pain and turned it into a stream of words on the page in her book Unsaid: The Poetic Mastery of Lisa Lockhart. On this episode of Author Reads... more

Kevina Hopkins is a 28 year old Urban Fiction Author. She is a mother of two beautiful children who currently resides in Chicago. She works full time and attends school with a major in criminal justice. She had a love for reading at a... more

In appreciation of Breat Cancer and Domestic Violence Awareness month, BRPP Network Radio and The Cherry Spot bring you "I AM A SURVIVOR", a show dedicated to women and in some cases men, who against all odds have... more

Interviews and Open Mic Sessions !!!!! Bring Your Ink & Paper So We Can Bleed Together !!!!!!! Come Join Us Tonight It's Open Mic Night!!!!!! Wicked Wendsday Bring Your Best To Impress!!!!!!!!!...... Even If You Sing, BRING IT !!!!!!!!!!... more

Are you single because the single life is what whets your pallette and gets your juices to flowing? OR Are you single because you have been hurt before and "once bitten, twice shy" and you are afraid of being wounded again? Either you... more

On this episode of Diverse Authors and Books, E.J. Brock will discuss with us love, spirits, and misconceptions of romance, what dress size a lead character should wear and which end of the beauty aisle, she should shop for her... more

BlaqRayn gets the 411 on Author Pea's release "Love Don't Love Nobody" Is it true or is it just in a song? We will delve into her world of literature and her inspiration as we chat with this dynamic new author and see what's up next for... more

LeVonne Barber, Author of Gurlfriends and Sideline Hoe - will be hashing it out with Jeanette Sapphireblue Charrette of the book group Fun4daMentals as they discuss leVonne's new release "Sideline Hoe' and how it differs from her first... more