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SDG 73 The Scientific Dictatorship versus God

  • Broadcast in Spirituality
Bro ken

Bro ken


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Ephesians 4:6

Can you think of anything more majestic than God? Well apparently the Luciferians do and they call it Scientific Materialism. It teaches that all reality is nothing more than matter and matter in motion.

The Scientific Dictatorship has been attacking our western  culture over the past 150 years in the 4 areas known as the pillars of power: Theology, Economics, Politics and Science.

The term Scientific Dictatorship was coined by Freemason Aldous Huxley author of “The Brave New World” and “The Brave New World Revisited”. Now the Scientific Dictatorship has leveled an all out assault led by people like Wescott & Hort in theology, Paul Warburg and JP Morgan in Economics, Karl Marx in Politics and Charles Darwin in Science.

Did you realize that prior to this onslaught all of the advances of the western Modern period were built upon the foundations established by traditional Christianity?

So what has changed?  Was it the Bible or our perception of reality?

Well this is an assault on the foundations of western culture by the "Scientific Dictatorship". And their plan is to eliminate The God of the Bible and reduce all reality to nothing more than matter and matter in motion  laying a foundation to usher in the NWO and The reign of Lucifer as The Anti-Christ

But the Bible says that God will not be mocked! There’s One God and Father of all, who is above all, and through all, and in you all.

But talking about God is like trying to bail out the ocean with a coffee cup! There are however, three points about God that we can know from this scripture and we can use them to stand up against these assaults.

ONE: God is "above all", TWO: God is "through all", THREE: God is in "you all" so the Scientific Dictatorship doesn’t stand a chance against our LORD and Savior Jesus Christ!