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SDG 65 Sons of Belial AKA The Luciferian Elite

  • Broadcast in Spirituality
Bro ken

Bro ken


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2 Corinthians Chapter 6 verse 15 KJV And what concord hath Christ with Belial? or what part hath he that believeth with an infidel?

This message will explore the INFIDELS AKA the sons of Belial AKA The Luciferian elite.

Now why should we do this?

Well because they are at war with Jesus Christ and His Word, The Holy Bible and all that is good and Godly.

So it is essential that all Christians understand who they are and how they operate. 

Last week we learned HOW they operate through the dark and sinister conspiracy called The Mystery of Iniquity.

This week we will look at Lucifer's henchmen: the sons of Belial AKA the Luciferian Elite and their attack on Jesus Christ and The Word of God.  The Holy Bible.

So what or who is Belial?

Well for these types of studies it is crucial that we use the KJV or another Bible taken from the majority and received texts known as the Textus Receptus and not the recently found minority texts of Alexandria, Sinitica, and the Vatican.

Because sadly the modern translations of the Bible ever so subtly inspired by the Luciferian Madam Blavatsky have entirely wiped out terms like princes of the world and Belial!

Replacing these specific, proper and revealing terms like princes of this world and sons of Belial with generic and vague terms like rulers of this age and wicked men, but listen on because their scam gets even worse... But fear not!

Jesus Christ is LORD, and He rules and reigns, forever and ever!!!