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SDG 63 The Blood Covenant

  • Broadcast in Spirituality
Bro ken

Bro ken


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Malachi 2:1-9

In this message we'll learn what being in a covenant with Jesus Christ truly means and who we really are in Him!  Then our lives will never be the same!

The concept of covenant runs through the entire Bible.  Did you ever become a 'blood brother' when you were a child?  Today we'll see how that is actually deeply rooted in the concept of a covenant.

This book of Malaki was intended for the end of an age which we are in right now.  It will help prepare us for His Second Coming!

Let's face it, Americans are losing confidence in THE SYSTEM.

The 9/11 event of 2001 changed America forever, conspiracy or no conspiracy; America will never be the same.  Then add Enron and the mortgage & financial crisis of 2008, TARP, the political and social chaos of today and now The Fiscal Cliff!

As the Illuminati teaches their adepts their methodology of 'ordo ab chao' (order out of chaos) we will continue to see engineered chaos unfold before our eyes.

Hegel called it the dialectic method: 'thesis, anti-thesis, synthesis'; or 'problem, reaction, solution.'

Now whatever you call it suffice to say that the truth is that there has always been these situations involving wicked people throughout the ages.

The Genesis 6 "men of renown", who are the Proverbs 6 "naughty person(s)" also known as the sons of "Belial" (word search "Belial" using a King James Bible) caused it all!

In fact,  Jude even warned us of them in verse 4, and Paul calls them the princes of this world (1Cor2:6,8).

Bottom line they are evil.  They are the seed of the serpent and God put them at enmity with the seed of the woman (Genesis 3:15)

But thank God!  He is true and keeps His Word!

Let's see what Malachi said about the end of ages & covenants.