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SDG 50 There is Power in Purity

  • Broadcast in Spirituality
Bro ken

Bro ken


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1 John chapter 3 verse 3

God said…  Purify yourself as He is pure

And He said: Thou shalt not commit adultery. Exodus 20:14

Now this isn't a suggestion, this isn't a good thing to do, this is a commandment and when a commandment or a law is broken there are dire consequences!

I believe immorality or sexual sin is the most grievous sin because it is a sin against our bodies which are called " the vessel" or "temple" for The Holy Spirit, it is also a sin against our souls (minds, will, and emotions) and a sin against our spirits because it quenches the Holy Spirit.

I believe sex is to be a sacred act done only between and man and his wife.

But most importantly immorality is a sin against God because He said "Don't do it!"

Remember our bodies are the vessels where the five wise virgins carried their extra "oil" (Read Matt 25:1-13). 

And they must be pure as He is pure!!! (Read 1John3:3) or else God will not fill them with His Oil AKA The Holy Spirit!!!

And remember the lamps they carried are the LORD's and also known as our spirits!

So when Adam and Eve sinned their lamps went out.  And when we are "born again" our lamps are filled with some oil (The Holy Spirit) and lit.

But UNLESS we choose or decide, (that's free will after we are saved) to purify ourselves as He is pure (1John3:3), the lamps will eventually go back out like the five foolish virgins!!!

So this message shows us what we must do to promote purity in our lives, our home and our communities!