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Bring Them Home Now- Equine Therapy for Autism,

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 WEDNESDAY NIGHT'S SHOW: A Girl breaks out of the world of Autism with the help of her horse. Ashlynn,  is sharing what it is like in the Silent world of AUTISM, and how her beloved horse, helped her to heal through the process of Equine Therapy. YOU WILL LEARN HOW AUTISM FEELS.
  The healing emotional bond between humans and horses has been recognized for thousands of years.Perhaps more than anyone, children with autism benefit from the motor, sensory and emotional aspects of being on a horse.
  Children with autism often have decreased coordination, strength and muscle tone that make them appear floppy and clumsy. Riding the horse develops strength as the child constantly adjusts his body to stay on and control the horse during changes in speed, direction, hills and curves on a trail. Controlling the reins to steer or stop helps the child develop coordination between the left and right sides of the body..
  Children with autism typically struggle to comprehend directions and communicate. Riding a horse provides numerous opportunities to engage in activities that require following directions.
  Children with disabilities know that the horse will love them for who they are despite their difficulties in speaking or how they look.  Hopefully, that bond will help the child with autism develop social and communication skills in all areas of his life.
  Tonight, we have a remarkable, heart tugging story about a little girl and her horse. AshLynn Simmons suffered from a form of social autism. That is, until she meet a true best friend. One that never teased her, or told her secrets. That gave back all the love she gave. Ultimately resulting in her learning to fight back, and with her best friend by her side, breaking free of the bondage of Autism. All because of a horse. Peordi relied on AshLynn for her care, however, AshLynn needed her just as much.