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Welcome to Brilliant Essence Radio with your host, Astrid On Air! The fantastic meets reality and questions are answered. For all archives and opportunities to connect directly with Astrid, guests, co-hosts and light-working friends, go to Wednesdays: LIVE RADIO FRANCE All in French USA/France Fridays: ALTERNATE REALITIES (in English) simulcast via Revolution Radio, Studio A. Call in anytime Live on Brilliant Essence: 646-200-3700 Or catch a show for a free reading with Astrid

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A new level of enlightenment for all students, teachers, veteran workers of Spirit and those who are connected (there is no coincidence!) to whom Astrid may serve. Astrid takes you to the next level. Callers will have personal light shed to... more

Last week was a hit so we're doing another one! Tonight's special: Everyone have their Tarot Cards Ready! We'll do group tarot sessions. Grab a pack and come and have some psychic fun! Relax, have fun and see what in-spirited... more

Call it Guidance, Insight, Readings, common sense, games, tools, meditations, advice, coaching and encouragement, I'm sharing my gifts with you! This segment is self-empowering, enlightening helpful and fun. Join me to make... more

Another spontaneous late night psychically para- Normal!

Join Justin (LCGH) and Astrid as they start off the In-Spirited night-time segments of BE Radio with a Thanksgiving Special! Yes, we're psychic, medium and everything in between! yes, we talk see feel and play with spirits, yes we have... more

Everyone tells you what a fabulous life you can have and even how to do it. But does anyone actually get you to experience it on the spot?! Well, here's one man who does! Brian Klemmer - author of "The Compassionate Samurai",... more

Non traditional, spiritual, paranormal, down right common sense or quirky ways to deal with all types of negativity, whether they be spiritual, mental, physical or otherwise just plain bothersome! We're going to get rid of them with Dougie... more

late night let's try it again!

How do you deal with being totally deaf in a world of communications?! How can you talk over the phone - or, for that matter, over the Radio?! How can you fly a plane on your own and how can you be a successful stockbroker if you cannot... more

Amalia has overcome and gone beyond every parents nightmare. Her son, diagnosed with Autism, Epilepsy, and Learning Disorders is now 35 and living totally independently and happily on his own. How she did it and now empowers... more
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