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Easing Stress for Parents and Teens Solutions for parents who are dissatisfied with one-way communications and are questioning their parenting skills. TOPICS include: Teen Dating, Communication, Money Management, Dieting, and Excelling in School and Life. You'll BRIDGE the GAP between knowing and doing to create harmony and togetherness within the family unit. When you do, teens will have the capacity to believe in themselves. Listen in on host Barbara McRae (author, coach, and founder of Teen Frontier International) and her special guests.

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Who doesn't want their kids to have the best education available? Donna Vail, founder of An Inspired Education, will provide ideas on how every parent can positively contribute to a child's education.
Barbara McRae MCC

Home Schooling Pros and Cons

  • by Barbara McRae MCC
Millions of parents are starting to supplement their child's education whether through "after-schooling" or home schooling. Donna Vail and her husband have home-schooled their SIX children, ages two through 18, since 1995! We'll... more

Finding the right college is like searching for the perfect mate! Authors and educators, Eric Dawson and Lynda Herring, help both students and parents see the big picture and give you facts - not hype - about the world of college... more
Barbara McRae MCC

How to Enjoy Getting into College

  • by Barbara McRae MCC
Counselors Eric Dawson and Lynda Herring present college selection and admission in a way that teens can relate to based on their new admissions guide: How to be Irresistible to Colleges. Up-beat and with a touch of humor,... more

Guest: Author Jillian Brasch. Uncomfortable interacting with a dying family member? Jillian shows us ways to engage in activities that are meaningful to teens, parents, and grandparents.
Barbara McRae MCC

Reluctant to Talk about Dealth with your Children?

  • by Barbara McRae MCC
Baby-boomers are having to handle aging parents in nursing homes or nearing death. Many parents are reluctant to talk about death with their kids, hoping to spare them from worry or sadness. If this describes you, you won't want to miss... more

If you've been looking for ways to help young women (or yourself!) make wise dating choices or for clarity about when to stay or leave, join me with Kaycee Jane.
Barbara McRae MCC

The Freedom of Being Fabulous!

  • by Barbara McRae MCC
Whether you have a fear of success (being fabulous) or a fear of failure, you can benefit from listening to this show. The audio for downloading ought to be available by Monday. Here's some of what you'll discover... What IS the "Fear... more

Are there times that you feel held back from being successful? Judith and Jim, best-selling authors of 5 books and famous for their ability to provide permanent release from that internal prison, will discuss how to breakthrough your... more
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