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world call in!

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bridge to Humanity

bridge to Humanity


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dennis, jeff and susan discuss possible ways out of this 'rat race' we are all in.  yes, it is still a 'rat race' but as comedian lewis black said, "except it's in high definition!".   can we slow down... is it possible?  should we speed up and use technology to get even more done? what for?  can you slow down enough... simplify enough... can you speed up enough and 'get it all done', then relax? where?   what is the goal?  where is quality of life? ... or are we all on the 'uber economics' train going to nowhere ... with no stops for us to get off?  the train is going so fast that you can't decern what is going by out side the windows... was that a bird , maybe those were mountains and parks and children playing but, zip!  they are gone.  and then at some instant you are gone...but the train has not stopped and another generation is trapped on the same economic bullet train... going faster and faster... if you try to jump off you are torn apart by the speed... is there a way to slow and then stop the train so we can disembark and walk away in the directions we choose, individually?  with the company we choose, personally?  with the thoughts we think, uniquely?   yes, we think there is.  and we all can, as individuals, think it into reality.  for one thing, consider the human renewable energy measure, hrem, and make it equivalent to what every one on earth needs, education, food and shelter.   don't let the bullys and gangs continue to enslave future generations as they have done for the past 1,000's of years.  it's not the elites, it's not the grey aliens' it's not the banksters etc, it's not a conspiracy... simply put, there is no one steering this speeding train and the tracks go nowhere...