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bridge to Humanity

Bridges for Humanity


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Join hosts Jeff Beller and Susan Caumont and their guests as they create bridges for humanity with a base measurement for human renewable energy and discussions that focus on designing a fair economic system.

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Old World Disorder, New World Order, How do these 'orders' affect us, how will they affect us? Can we turn the emphasis toward what people and Nature really need? Is it too late? Or are we just at the very start of something like a humane... more

Turns out that they have a lot in common and would have agreed on many things. In particular, how to help humanity survive into the future of planet Earth. We will make reference to Pope Francis's encyclical about our 'common home'... more

Even Pope Francis gets in trouble when he suggests there is something terribly wrong with 'economics as usual'. This would suggest that the economic belief systems are stronger than religious belief systems. Is this a good thing?

This week World Beyond Belief interviews Zen Gardner, noted philosopher, writer and speaker. During this conversation, he entertains us with his wit and wisdom covering a myriad of topics related to the great awakening. In this fast paced,... more

So, what do you think Greece should do about their economic woes? Maybe they were happier when they did not use the EURO. It may not be such a wonderful thing to 'play with the big dogs'. So much advice is being sent their way...... more

The Hadron Collider now functioning in central Europe could be either the ultimate science experiment or a catastrophic world destroying danger to all mankind. CERN shows many faces; a public presentation of competent scientists peeling... more

On Friday July 3 Landslide, hosted by Bonfire, will consider the following: Slavery: Past. Present. Future? Why is it that we participate in our own enslavement? How is it (and why is it?) that we enslave others, if not directly... then by proxy?... more

Yes, the encyclical is pretty long. And I think we might be half way through. But we feel it is important to give Pope Francis's insights fair exposure. Aside from a few quotes lifted from the text of the encyclical that we are hearing on the... more

This time we really mean it. We had an interesting guest last Friday and just let the conversation keep rolling. We did not get back to reading the Popes writing. But we will Sunday the 28th. And we hope you will call in or comment by Chat.... more

This week Ella Draper and Abraham Christie in a live interview bring us up to date on what is happening regarding her two children trapped between a satanic death cult and the UK child protection service racket. Much has happened since the... more