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Join hosts Jeff Beller and Susan Caumont and their guests as they create bridges for humanity with a base measurement for human renewable energy and discussions that focus on designing a fair economic system.

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More conversation about sustainability. Hope you will join us 'on the front stoop'.

The World Beyond Belief talks with Ole Dammegard, one of the foremost conspiracy researchers of our time. The dialogue encompasses the current global situation, the awakening that is now underway, repositioning us to look at the... more

Following up on our interview with Professor John Ikerd last Wednesday the 17th. We will recap some of the ideas we discussed. We talked about the possibility of an 'economics of diversity'. Economics that more closely imitates Nature and... more

The struggle continues in Africa and around the World.

This is part 2 of the interview on Alternative Radio with Howard Zinn. Among other things, he talks about how he wrote "A Peoples History of the United States". Jeff Beller will be your host.

This evening, Monday the 15th we will play a podcast made by Alternative Radio in which Howard Zinn talks about his book "A Peoples History of the United States." This will be the first of 4 parts to the same interview. The second part... more

Are we aware of the words of war that we use every day when we express ourselves? How can awareness of these words help us to withdraw from their subtle influence? What are the words of peace? Do we need them more than... more

This weeks episode (126) of the World Beyond Belief starts by calling attention to a video that should convince even the most ardent believer that the psy-op known as Sandy Hook is truly a sham and a fake. The recently released report on... more

Can there be useful measurments without considering our natural reality? Can we manage a system that we cannot measure? Can there be value with out human imput? Our economic systems operate with out measurments and bases value... more

Dennis, Jeff and Susan discuss the probability that there is Life, beyond Earth, in the Universe. How smart were we 2,000 years ago? Or 4,000 years Before Christ (B.C.)? Yes, we've come a LONG way in just the last 200 years, when we were... more