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The Bible Version issue EXAMINED

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Treading Scorpions

Treading Scorpions


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In Genesis, the very first thing that came out of the serpent's(Lucifer/Satan) mouth was a question; he questioned God's word, "Yea, hath God said..." The real question here is where is Final Authority?

This causes a "dualistic world view" and leaves no final authority because i can say, I prefer the KJV and you the NIV and him the NASB and him the ASV. Whos going to straighten us out? Who's the final authority? Obvisly it should be God! What we get here is 3 or 4 sets of scripture or bibles and who decided which is best? We do, isn't that BIG of us? We don't judge God's Word, God's Word Judges us! Here's the problem with all the different bible version, who's the final authority? James Jasper Ray said, "God only wrote one Bible, why do we have over 400 now?"  So whos final authority? Bible A or Bible B or Bible C? or do we let the "Scholars" decide? Jesus said in Rev. 2:15, "The doctrine of the Nicolaitanes, which thing I hate." "Nico means 'to conquer'; Webster defines laity as "the people, as distinguished from clergy; those not of a certain profession." Jesus hates the doctrine which replaces the New Testament priesthood of all believers with a class of clergy or professional scholars who attempt to conquer the common people with their credentials. The Bible also says, we should all be in one accord. How can we all be in one accord with each other if we are all reading from a different version of the bible? What ever happened to One faith, One Baptism and One inerrant inspired Bible??? Remember God is not the author of confusion!