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Brian Craig is a radio talk show host in South Florida and has been on the air for the past 20 years. Kathy, the co-host of the show is Brian's wife. Both are Ultra-Conservatives and their show is designed to expose the Obama Regime.

On-Demand Episodes

Obama let's a little girl die with the 1st Death Panel.

Michael Douglas says oral sex gave him cancer. Obama is setting the public up to blame any hurricane that hit the US on the Republicans. Updates on Obama's IRS scandal.

George Zimmerman's murder trial started & he say's he's running out of money for his defense. Who is donating money to Zimmerman? MSNBC is in 4th place. We will talk abotu why they are in last place .Holder spying reporters, the prez... more

Obama took a blonde, white girl to his prom. How would black women reacted to that in 2008? Obama has been spying the press for covering stories he didn't want to be covered.

Obama met with head of the IRS Employee Union the day before the the IRS started the operation to harrash Tea party groups. Why is Obama spying on the press?

Obama uses the IRS as a Politcal Weapon, and he tapped the phone lines of AP Reporters. Will Obama avoid impeachment becasue he is America's 1st Black President?

Obama & the Libs only want to take gun away from Law-Abiding citizens, not criminals.

Today's on the show Pro Life Undercover reporter Lila Rose is our guest. She has gone undercover inside Planned Parenthood and has video evidence of what really goes on inside Abortion Clinics.

Jason Collins comes out as a Homosexual and he gets a call from President Obama. Chris Stephens (who was also Homosexual) is being raped in Benghazi & Obama will not take his call. This subject and more will be discuss on... more

The Boston Bomber was on on Welfare. I wonder if he had an Obama Phone? America is under attack by Muslim Terrorist again & Obama decides to fundraise for Planned Parenthood. Of course Tsarnaev's wife knew her husband... more