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Brian Craig is a radio talk show host in South Florida and has been on the air for the past 20 years. Kathy, the co-host of the show is Brian's wife. Both are Ultra-Conservatives and their show is designed to expose the Obama Regime.

On-Demand Episodes

Eric Holder moves to give Felons the vote. What about the Democrat Party attracts the Felon vote? TWITTER @briancraigshow

Obama, the Dems and Muslim Congressman Keith Ellison admit they don't want people to work, and that the gift of ObamaCare is people can work part time in stread of full time. TWITTER @briancraigshow... more

Barbara Walters defends Woody Allen, says what does his daughter accusing him of molesting her have to do with his Academy Award and his work. Does Barbara Walters think Jerry Sandusky should still coach footbal? TWITTER... more

Wendy Davis is using campaign funds to pay for her upscale luxery lifestyle which includes a maid. Marvel Comics introduces Ms. Marval, a Muslim super hero. What would Muslim Ms Marval have done on 9-11? Would she have... more

Actors are low life scum. Phillip Seymour Hoffman dead with a needle in his arm, Woody Allen's daughter says he molested her. Is there a connection between Hollywood being full of sick scum and thier Liberalism? TWITTER... more

Blacks wake up and turn on Obama. ObamaCare takes insurance away from children. Twitter @briancraigshow

Why is Michelle Obama's favorite show a show about a married President having an affair? MSNBC thinks conservatives have a problem with interracial famlies. What conservative ever gave them that idea? TWITTER @briancraigshow... more

Communist Pete Seeger dies a millionaire and the wife of George Lucas attacks CEOs making 300 times what their workers earn. MSNBC hires Ronan Farrow. TWITTER @briancraigshow... more

CBS edits out Ted Cruz talking about the Obama scandals, and his defense of Dinesh D'Souza. Obama is leading a political purge in this coutnry! TWITTER @briancraigshow

Is Mayor De Blasio getting even with the rich people of NYC? Is there a economic revolution taking place in NYC and America? TWITTER @briancraigshow