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Brian Craig is a radio talk show host in South Florida and has been on the air for the past 20 years. Kathy, the co-host of the show is Brian's wife. Both are Ultra-Conservatives and their show is designed to expose the Obama Regime.

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NBC TV Movie and CNN Film on Hillary. Is Hillary really worth a film not to mention 2 films?

Obama says, "Mission Accomplished." 41% of Whites living below the poverty line, that's twice the number of Black below the poverty line. Kids doctors ask kids if their parent have guns at home.

Would Obama let his daughters date Trayvon?

Is it safe for white people to walk the streets with the "Justice for Trayvon" crowd attacking whites all over the country?

Obama must be pissed!!!!!! Zimmerman NOT GUILTY!!!!

Liberals & Blacks plan for black violence with a Not Guilty Zimemrman verdict. Libs sign a petition to do away with "The Bill Of Rights."

Obama & the Libs work to take God out of American society & replace god with Governement, led by them of course. Gay Activists commit a hate crime by attacking 2 Christian street Preachers.

Homosexual MSNBC host Thomas Roberts says pro life men need to stop worrying about the sancity of sperm. Liberal CNN racial profiles blacks saying that now matter what the Zimmerman verdict is that blacks will turn to violence. We... more

Ralph Reed smacks down Rachel Maddow & Brian realizes that George Zimmerman is innocent. http:///

Is Marco Rubio a traitor to the Tea Party after he pushed for amensty for illegals? Can Allen West beat Rubio in a primary? Do blacks use racial slurs towards whites when white people are not around? A black caller to the show says yes... more