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Brian Craig is a radio talk show host in South Florida and has been on the air for the past 20 years. Kathy, the co-host of the show is Brian's wife. Both are Ultra-Conservatives and their show is designed to expose the Obama Regime.

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Hillary Pretends to grill steaks that had been pre-cooked for her TWITTER @briancraigshow This episode of "The Brian Craig Show Podcast" is sponsored... more

Lib teacher gives 6th graders an asssignment to compare Bush to Hitler

Principal bans Chick-fil-A over Gay Rights. Do you think the Principal is Gay? TWITTER @briancraigshow

Obama Launches a Biological Attack on America's School Children. TWITTER @briancraigshow

ISIS Jihadi walks across border from Mexico to the U.S. with a Severed Head and no one stops him. Twitter @brianccraigshow

Did Wendy Davis really have 2 Abortions or did she make it up? TWITTER @briancraigshow

Eric Holder declares War on Police Officers. TWITTER @briancraigshow

Libs Claim AM Talk Radio is Dying. Not true, only Liberal Talk Radio has Died. TWITTER @briancraigshow

2nd American gets his head cut off by ISIS and Obama does nothing!!!! TWITTER @briancraigshow