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I grew up listening to Howard Stern, How can a guy make a living farting on air and making fun of celebrities and banging whores not to mention making an art spoofing on misfits, what is not to like? Then he sold out. He is in his 60's he got divorce and married a woman who has a brain capacity of a dwarf with Down Syndrome. He made fun of the people he grew to become "Living in the Hamptons", "America Got Talent" and so on. Plus Box Office and of course making fun of the Kardashians Join us LIVE at 9am pacific - 12pm eastern time - Did you see a movie this weekend? Call in and be a part of the show! 646-595-3032 This Program is Sponsored by: -Max Ivey, Midway Marketplace - Helping people buy, sell and trade New & Used Amusement, Concession and Confection Equipment. Max also offers Free Appraisals. Visit Max today! -Loretta's Authentic Pralines - The most popular New Orleans candy, made from Louisiana's top commodities, pecans and sugar.

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It's Movie Monday at the Brian The Hammer Show: -Did Jesus really die for our Sins or did he die for Taxes? #1 Best Seller by Bill O'Reilly "Killing Jesus" -Weekend Box Office, hits & misses, Top 10 Movies of the weekend. -Facts... more

NFL Schedule - Week 4: Baltimore @ Buffalo Cincinnati @ Cleveland Chicago @ Detroit NY Giants @ Kansas City Arizona @ Tampa Bay Indianapolis @ Jacksonville Seattle @ Houston Pittsburgh @ Minnesota (Split) NY Jets @... more

Its that time again a very rare look inside the most popular family game "Oh Shit". Returning champion Diane Mears Dillion who started off with over $200,000 ended with a grand total of $10 and a 6 months supply of our sponsors product... more

Keeping up with Halloween theme- Horror relationships. -We will talk about some of the really bad true life public relationships & we will touch on relationship killers what people do to kill a relationships. -We'd love for you to comment or call in if... more

FINAL DESTINATION: Real Life Stories of People Who Cheated Death - We asked people on social media if they have cheated death and how. Their stories will amaze you! -Gina Poe I was a heroin addict, been clean twelve yrs. Buy... more

MVP On Demand is opening the Gates To Hell in October, the demons will be awakened. Straight from bowels of hell the Brian Demon will bring you the most chilling, real life Horror Stories. Today at 10am pacific - 1pm eastern time -... more

Today on the Brian The Hammer Show: -NEW JERSEY JUSTICE: One of our Friends; Vinny De Vingo was denied when he took his dog to the Veternarian for hospital care. We will call and find out what kind of Veternarian would do such a... more

Today on the Brian The Hammer Show it's Movie Monday: -Upset by the new "Plastic Bag Ban" Law in California, Brian will be calling the Kroger Corporation and Governor Jerry Brown's Office -Box Office Top Ten -Celebrity News,... more

MVP SPORTS ANALYSTS PICK RESULTS FROM WEEK 2 - OUT OF 15 GAMES, OUR ANALYSTS PICKED 12 GAMES CORRECT AND 3 "Split Decision" Games Let's see how they do this week: Texans @ Ravens Giants @... more

Today on the Brian The Hammer Show: -Casting Friday, Casting Directors currently casting projects are invited to call in and give our listeners the breakdowns live on the air. Call in at 646-595-3032 -Richard Sirgiovanni,... more
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