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Happy Labor Day from all of us at the Brian The Hammer Show. Today's Topics: -Box Office, Where did your favorite movie come in at the box office this weekend? Did The Butler lose it's #1 spot this weekend? -Celebrity News -MVP... more

The MVP Sports Network with The Hammer, D-Town, Dr Mel & G-Man talking about the hottest topics in Sports Headlines: -NFL Concussion Settlement - Is it bad news for football fans? -New Rules - Will they change football forever?... more

Today on the Brian The Hammer Show it's FINANCIAL BUSINESS FRIDAY! The phone lines are open throughout the show for you to call in and promote your Business, Product, Project or Service. Let our listeners know where to find you!... more

On the Brian The Hammer Show Brian's Guest will be: -Adrian "Age" Scott - Age Scott is a Raptoonist, the voice of HipHop in Comic Books. Age has the first and longest running hiphop comic book "Won and Phil, The HipHop Heroes" and is... more

Former Mont. teacher gets 30 days for student rape. Is there an attack tarketing underage white girls by Islamic men in different countries? We have the chilling video and sound bite. Warning it's very graphic what you are about to hear.

Donald Trump claims the New York attorney general who filed a $40 million lawsuit against his "Trump University" is ?a total lightweight.? New York attorney general Eric Schneiderman filed the suit on Saturday, claiming ?Trump... more

Today on the Brian The Hammer Show: -What's Hot At The Box Office this week, with Carrie Brooks -VMA Awards - And, The Winners Are... Can you count the number of awkward moments? -The World ....According to TMZ - Sensationalism... more

Join The Hammer, D-Town, Malicious Mel & G-Man in today's edition of MVP Sports Network 2013 Fantasy Football Welcome "MVP PLAYAH'S" Teams: -D-Town Destroyers -Team The Precious -Rockyn Rollers -Saintsational... more

Today's Brian The Hammer Show along with Financial Business Friday where we open the phones to Business owners to call in and promote their Business, Product or Service and let our listeners know where to find you Brian has 2 very... more

Today in Headline News on the Brian The Hammer Show: -Russell Simmons plans Harriet Tubman Biopic after "Sex Tape" Scandal -NSA misrepresented scope of data collection to secret court. - Has the NSA violated the fourth... more
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