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Ripped from headline news. Kevin Upkins- The Story-Jury Finds Suspect Guilty Of Armed Robbery Kevin come in the studio live to anwsers questions. Has he been set up? ?College Park, GA- On February 14, 2009, Bro Kevin Upkins was given a sentence of ?Life Without Parole for Armed Robbery, a crime which he did not commit. His situation should shed some light on the justice system in the state of Georgia: Guilty until proven Guilty. ?Date: May 2, 2008? City: Douglasville, GA ? The facts surrounding the case are as follows: No witness or the victim ever identified Bro Upkins before trial, and there was never a photo lineup ever done, even after Bro Upkins was apprehended in December 2008. The victim originally stated during the incident, she would not be able to identify the suspects, although they were not wearing masks. She comes into the courtroom almost two years later and points out Bro Upkins, who was the only black male in the courtroom. When Bro Upkins wife Tomeka Roberson Upkins made contact with the Detective handling the case to give Bro Upkins alibi( which was never disputed in the courtroom), she was then threatened with perjury by that Detective. During the cross examination at the Preliminary Hearing, the Detective mentioned Anthony Cox and Bro Upkins jumped the counter and stuck a gun in the victim's face, afterwards Mr Cox was never mentioned again, not even as a suspect or Bro Upkins co-defendant.?
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Studio Guest -Pyramids on Mars Melodic Instrumental Rock from Hamilton, ON (Canada) Guest speaker: Kevin Estrella current success, promote debut CD "Pyramids on Mars", musical influences, and alien/ufo conspiracy theories .... more

Founder and funder of: Circle of Helping Hands.Disabled Veteran, United States Navy Bachelor Degree in Business Master's Degree in Education IBI Graduate Creative Director of: Red Carpet Academy Red Carpet Extravaganza Media... more

Sophia Radisch & Kevin Estrella-Pyramids on Mars put on a great Interview The Notes behind the music. So good we are playing it again.

Cell phones are almost as common as pocket change these days. It seems nearly everyone, including an increasing number of children, carries a cell phone wherever they go. Cell phones are now so popular and convenient that they are... more

The release of my Debut album "Intoxicated" (was released Sept 1st 2014) and my up-coming album "Beautiful Sin". To be released towards the end of 2015. As well as up coming gigs.My up-coming album "Beautiful Sin". Glen Drover... more

Taylor Swift has pulled her entire album catalog from music streaming service Spotify. Since its October 27 release, Swift has refused to put her new album "1989" on the digital music website. This isn't the first time the 24 year-old artist... more

Happy Halloween, My Co-host Tracey Leturno & The hammer explores Urban Oban's Myths, Legends and Fables. Is there some truth to the stories that they become Urband Legends? Is there such a thing of a ghost entering a body... more

The Ghost Hunters, Psychic to the celebrity "Pat Oberlien" & American Exorcism? The diocese in Italy is training priests to meet increasing demand for exorcisms. Catholic churches in Italy and Spain are reportedly increasing the number of... more

Legendary Eliot Lewis keyboard player from Hall & Oats Eliot Lewis (born March 10, 1962) is an American rock, R&B and soul singer, keyboardist, guitarist, bassist, drummer, songwriter, and producer. He is best known for his work with... more

Bedbug facts Bedbugs are small oval insects that feed by sucking blood from humans or animals. Bedbugs do not fly. Bedbugs can live anywhere in the home. They can live in cracks in furniture or in any type of textile, including upholstered... more
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