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Brenda K Sanders

Brenda K. Sanders


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Brenda loves speaking to others. Brenda believes that the God-given gift of exhortation is purposed to help and assist others in situations that challenge our thinking in difficult moments. Brenda left her law practice for two years to pursue her education in biblical studies. Brenda is also a harpist and plays her music under the name of Harpbeats Music. Brenda is the proprietor of her new company, Unik Artist, Inc. from which she promotes her works of artistic and musical expression. Brenda also serves as judge in the Michigan area.

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Abram has organized his army of men and regained his possessions taken by the Sodomites. Abram also regained his family which also included Lot. Abram is walking with God and has to go to war to recover lost possessions and lost... more

I am still discussing the plight of Abram as he struggles to obey the voice of God. Sometimes obedience has its challenges and consequences brought about by the enemy.

In Genesis 14, Abram and Lot have decided to separate. The separation was ordained by God and spoken to Abram by God in Genesis 12. Abram immediately chose to part from his home with Lot. Separation has its place in the cycle of... more

God promised Abram and Sarai full blessings! Patience is accomplished in a cycle that God seems to use over and over. Patience a fruit of the Spirit, is not necesarily a desired fruit, but a required fruit. The cycle is to install patience into... more

In Genesis 12:8 Abram moves to a mountain East of Bethel. Bethel is blblically defined as "the place where God dwells or God's place". Abram built an alter there and called on the name of the Lord. As Abram continued his journey to the... more

This week I am still focusing on Genesis 12. I believe that the patience cycle embodies a phase of expectancy. God built up and increased Abram's expectancy with contant relevelation and divine spiritual guidance with the still small voice.... more

What happens when a believer is presented with a promise from God that has seemingly dissolved? A cycle that develops patience begins from the moment the promise is released to the believer. There are phases of the cycle of patience... more

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I will discuss the paradigm of the cycle of patience. Oftemtimes, God will give us a promise. There is a cycle that will evolve until the promise comes to fulfillment. There are challenges at each phase of the promise. There are distractions that... more

The Bible declares that only the pure in heart shall see God. The bible also reserves his blessings for the righteous,which those that remain dedicated to God. Hannah sustained her purity in the dark times so that she could prevail and... more
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