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Brenda K Sanders

Brenda K. Sanders


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Brenda loves speaking to others. Brenda believes that the God-given gift of exhortation is purposed to help and assist others in situations that challenge our thinking in difficult moments. Brenda left her law practice for two years to pursue her education in biblical studies. Brenda is also a harpist and plays her music under the name of Harpbeats Music. Brenda is the proprietor of her new company, Unik Artist, Inc. from which she promotes her works of artistic and musical expression. Brenda also serves as judge in the Michigan area.

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Those that are called and who represent the remnant of the Lord Jesus Christ must endure persecution. Persecution is birthed from the accusations that are brought against the believer. Persecution is usually preserved for those that want... more

In Job Chapter 2, there is a continuation of the satanic attacks that began in Chapter 1. Job has not cursed God even when there has been destruction of his family and his possessions. In Chapter 2, Satan is yet accusing Job before God.... more

In Job Chapter One, Satan has been walking the earth accusing those that serve the Lord God Almighty. Satan does not disguise himself and proceeds into the presence of God with the sons of God. I would surmise that it is a very... more

In Job Chapter one, a man named Job is described as "blameless and upright". The plight of Job is further described as a man with a family and possessions. There was a day that arrived when Satan came before God with those that were... more

In Genesis Chapter 21, Abraham and Sarah are blessed with the promised child of their flesh, Issac. There were various celebrations and a circumcision of the child. After a time, a Thorn of displeasure arose with Ishmael. The... more

In Genesis 18, Abraham is visited by three men sent by the Lord. They visit to inquire about Sarah's plight. Specifically, Sarah is the target questions about her belief in God's promises.While the three men attempt to stir Sarah's faith, a... more

In Genesis 18, God visits Abraham at the tree of Mamre after the completion of the covenant of circumcision which was enacted by God in Genesis 17. Three visitors, sent by God, also visit with Abraham and Sarah. One of the visitors... more

In Genesis 17, God has promised that Abraham and Sarah would bear a son from their own flesh. God changed their names in anticipation of the promise. However, after Ishmael was born and time elapsed, complacency resonated within... more

In Genesis 17, God renews his promise to Abram and Sarai regarding the birth of Issac. God then identifies Abram to Abraham and Sarai to Sarah. God recognizes that the identity of both Sarai and Abram is about to change based on the... more

In Genesis 16, Sarai entertains a demonic idea to engage Hagar as a surrogate mother. Abram succumbs to Sarai's voice and a rivalry ensues between Sarai and Hagar. After Hagar conceives, a demonic thought process consumes both... more
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