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Breaking News Journal is on the cutting edge of new broadcast for live streaming, radio and TV as we prepare the launching of The Breaking News Journal Channel. We are working with lady producers who have their own projects and collaborate together called Please have your friends go to the link to"Project Red Slipper"http:// This enterprise is brought to you by Editor In Chief of Ruth Bryant White,author of the book "Life Through The Eyes Of An Interracial Couple" who was the first official 2008 Presidential Candidate before Hillary, Obama or McCain. After campaigning across the country and hearing people's complaint about not having grassroots news, we are solving that problem. Giving Americans news for Independent Thinkers and educating anyone who wants to listen with the real deal on the issues. BNJ "On Air" is a True Grits Grassroots News Media Group designed to discuss and have as our guests, True Grits Business, Non Profit, Educators and Leaders in Middle America, giving them a voice. Guests include,Celebrities like Janine Turner of the hit tv show Northern Exposure, Kiss, Lt. Colonel Allen West, Motley Crew and Guns N' Roses keyboard Player Gordon G.G. Gebert, Freedom Work's who heads former Speaker of the House's Dick Armey's organization, Ryan Sorba, from CNN's Documentary "Right On The Edge", and from the hit TV Show "Dallas", Brittany Morgan, , Karen Covell Hollywood Prayer Network, and grassroots media like, Reel Talk,Politichic, for young people and more, so stay tuned and tell everyone you know about this program.

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Patrick Duffy. You may not know the name, but he is a very powerful person in Las Vegas entertainment and arts society. Mr. Duffy is a Chief Experience Officer of Dianond Resorts in Las Vegas and travels the world giving... more
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Diane has been on the leaders in exposing COMMON CORE in Las Vegas. She has a meeting in front of legilatures in Las Vegas Thursday January 30, 2014 to get COMMON CORE out of Las Vegas. She will be one of the experts who... more

Long time friend of Breaking News Journal will join us to talk about New Media. Harriet Baldwin ( and yes she is a first cousin of Stpehen and Alec Baldwin) , will be joining us. She is an Activist, Journalist, is hot she has ROKU already... more

You are not going to want to miss our guest Mr. Ron Brown of the Detroit Pistons from 1973-1977 on Breaking News Journal On Air Radio. Mr. Brown will talk about the game and sports in general. He is working to support the lady... more

Breaking News Journal On Air Radio presents "LADY Ele" 2014 Image Award Nominee for best Female Artist. Jazz.

Cornelia Brown is back and she is hotter than ever with her hot off the press book and the coffee that the celebrities drink. Organo Gold Cornelia's new book "I Love It" for marrried couples. She will be here to explain... more

Cheryl Greenlee hosts her program CthePower on Freedomizer Radio 4 times a week and has very specific co-hosts and guests on with her. Cheryl is going to share with you the success of Freedomizer Radio the first 15 hour radio... more

Jocasta Odom is speaking at My church will be having a great Empowerment for 3 days strong next Monday-Wednesday. January 13-15. Please come out and enjoy the excitement each night at 7pm. You don't want to miss out. So if you're... more

Soft Target: A Cybertech Thriller The 21st Century started off dangerous and got worse. America is working its way back, wounded, but recovering and rebuilding. Exceptionalism is a memory, but embers glow in the darkness. Hope is alive. A... more

Celebrating 40 years, Executive Manager of the heart of Denver's "New Climax Lounge and Events Center", Mr. Timothy "Revelevant" Bryant Reaves will be on Breaking News Journal On Air Radio Monday December 30, 2013 to talk about... more

Sportz Addix Sportz Addix The CEO and Founder of the new soon to be 24 hour All Sports Channel SportzAddix Media, Mr. Jerry Chiles, will be a special guest on Breaking News Journal On Air Radio Saturday December 28, 2013 1PM PST.... more
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