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Breaking News Journal is on the cutting edge of new broadcast for live streaming, radio and TV as we prepare the launching of The Breaking News Journal Channel. We are working with lady producers who have their own projects and collaborate together called Please have your friends go to the link to"Project Red Slipper"http:// This enterprise is brought to you by Editor In Chief of Ruth Bryant White,author of the book "Life Through The Eyes Of An Interracial Couple" who was the first official 2008 Presidential Candidate before Hillary, Obama or McCain. After campaigning across the country and hearing people's complaint about not having grassroots news, we are solving that problem. Giving Americans news for Independent Thinkers and educating anyone who wants to listen with the real deal on the issues. BNJ "On Air" is a True Grits Grassroots News Media Group designed to discuss and have as our guests, True Grits Business, Non Profit, Educators and Leaders in Middle America, giving them a voice. Guests include,Celebrities like Janine Turner of the hit tv show Northern Exposure, Kiss, Lt. Colonel Allen West, Motley Crew and Guns N' Roses keyboard Player Gordon G.G. Gebert, Freedom Work's who heads former Speaker of the House's Dick Armey's organization, Ryan Sorba, from CNN's Documentary "Right On The Edge", and from the hit TV Show "Dallas", Brittany Morgan, , Karen Covell Hollywood Prayer Network, and grassroots media like, Reel Talk,Politichic, for young people and more, so stay tuned and tell everyone you know about this program.

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Patrick Duffy. You may not know the name, but he is a very powerful person in Las Vegas entertainment and arts society. Mr. Duffy is a Chief Experience Officer of Dianond Resorts in Las Vegas and travels the world giving... more
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Listen in to Future Breaking News Journal Child Host of upcoming Childen programs on the new Breaking News Journal TV Channel. Today Quinton will talk to you about how he feels being one of the 51,000 families of children whose... more
00:31 Everyone should take the link above and paste it on their Facebook Pages.... more

Keith Andrew Edmondson is back with us. you may remember his story. Breaking News Journal interviewed him and followed his case and gave moment by moment of what happened in court when he was sentenced to 3 months in jail.... more

Mr. Keith Andrew Edmondson is back with us. you may remember his story. Breaking News Journal interviewed him and followed his case and gave moment by moment of what happened in court when he was sentenced to 3 months... more

Yvonne Gasperino Founder of Stop Common Core In New Yor State and is one of the organizers of the iREFUSE The Great Amercan Opt Out along with Mark Ferreris called the power team of this movement will be on Breaking News... more

Famous Gucci Model Valerie Debrienza was a Runway Model from the 60's the days of Hot Pants. These are styles that are back. Valerie will talk about the difference in what she sees in models these days in contrast with in the days... more

Get Your book " Matrix 4 Cracking The Genetic Code" at and Sophia Stewart the writer of the Matrix and Terminator Movies talks the Kia Super Bowl Matrix Commerical, which was taken straight... more

?Bettina Sofia Viviano Producer/Literary Manager Bettina Viviano is the first lady listed on Breaking News Journal's lady producers of Project Red Slipper, but she had a successful career way before she joined us. Her success... more

19 Thousand people in two months packaged the daily COMMON CORE homework and returned them to the Governor's desk in protest that they will not put their children through the Nonsense of a regimented testing process.... more

Eric Reed , head of the growing gun rights group will be on Breaking News Journal On Ar Radio Eric Reed is the President of Gun Rights Across America. Gun Rights Across America is a citizen led, grassroots effort to protect and... more
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