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Welcome to the Brandzillas Brief podcast where Tynicka Battle and Liz Nickles talk about today's biggest branding wins and fails and practical advice for branding specialists. Tynicka Battle runs Tynicka Battle Digital and Liz Nickles is the author of Brandstorm.

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Tynicka and Liz discuss how Brian Williams' exaggerations put mainstream media under further scrutiny. SHOW NOTES: The Shifting Sands of News Brands Brian Williams... more

Tynicka and Liz discuss the unboxing phenomenon. Who's making lots of money this way and how. What can brands do to get in on the reach of these unboxers? Show resources: DC Toy Collector YouTube Channel. The anonymous woman... more

Tynicka Battle and Liz Nickles discuss the "Je Suis Charlie" social media trend to follow the terrorist attack in Paris earlier this month. Special guest Daisy Khan joins us. Daisy is the Executive Director of the American Society for Muslim... more

Liz and Tynicka discuss the SONY hack. What's a brand to do? SONY hack timeline: See for our other podcasts.

Tynicka Battle and Liz Nickles discuss Bill Cosby and how his brand withstood these allegations in the past.

Tynicka Battle and Liz Nickles discuss the similarities between the branding of the Tea Party and Kim Kardashian. They are both trending up, whether you like it or not. Kim Kardashian's PAPER mag spread:... more

Tynicka Battle and Liz Nickles discuss the Apple Pay launch what the resistance from major retailers like CVS, Rite-Aid and Walmart means in the long run. Show notes: Apple vs Walmart: Mobile Payments Reveal A Clash Of Titans:... more

Tynicka and Liz discuss Ebola and the branding of plagues. Disease swag "booms"... more

Tynicka and Liz discuss the iWatch and Alibaba's potential dominance in their respective markets "Alibaba's Founder on Why His Company Is Killing It in China" -... more

Tynicka and Liz talk about Dreamwork's campaign to bring Lassie back to the sell stuff. NY Times "Lassie as... more