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Progressive North Carolina Democrat who shares his observations with listeners and, more importantly, listens to you!

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The Social Spitball Show is proud to sponsor & introduce THE BARBARA DEE SHOW, which will run at least once a month until further notice. In this inaugural episode of The Barbara Dee Show, Barbara will be interviewing Barbara Dixon "Bobi" Gregory, Democratic Nominee for North Carolina House, District 8.
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On our last show, we hosted a Texas trio of candidates who had great visions for representing the people. We had such a great time, we're heading down to Lone Star state again this Sunday! *Our first guest is Steve Brown, candidate... more

It's been awhile since The #SocialSpitballShow visited the Lone Star State, so with the help of Texan Barry Sensa of Facebook (as well as Robin Conrad & Crystal Stephens), we were able to make this a Lone Star Show. Our first guest... more

Near the end of probably the most important week of all of their campaigns so far, many of the "Arizona Crew" return to the Social Spitball Show. On Tuesday, August 19, the deadline to raise enough $5 donations to qualify as "Clean... more

My homeless friend Matt is back to update us on his situation. Since we last talked to Matt (when he was in New Orleans via Florida), he was arrested for trespassing and locked in the county jail in Pecos County, Texas in Fort... more

Missouri has made the national headlines for very tragic and upsetting reasons within the last week, with the unnecessary shooting (murder) of young man Mike Brown. This is one of the many issues that 3 great Missouri candidates will... more

Having already come on our show to introduce herself and her critically acclaimed book, "Wrapped in the Flag: What I Learned Growing Up in America's Radical Right, How I Escaped, and Why My Story Matters Today," award-winning... more

Sunday is normally reserved for candidates for office or for public office holders. This Sunday will be no different. We'll start in Missouri and move northwest to Idaho. No, this isn't the Oregon Trail, but it will be a worthy journey. Our... more

With a hurricane of negativity & false ACA horror stories flying from the right, the truth is out there. The truth is negative (at the hands of Red State legislatures & Red State Governors), with denial of Medicaid Expansion money (already... more

This episode of The #SocialSpitballShow features two Democratic candidates for Congress who began their lives in the Republican Party, but gradually moved away from the increasingly radical party it has become. The first of our two... more

For this episode of The #SocialSpitballShow, we focus on the Do-Nothing Congress of the last few years. The Congressional approval ratings have dipped into the "teens," in terms of approval numbers. Two of the worst offenders... more