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Brain Injury is the leading cause of death and disability yet largely unknown. Here at brain injury radio listen to shows every-night of those living with the effects of brain injury a different set of hosts every night! Something for everyone over 1000 episodes archived for your listening convenience .

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Welcome to the show that explores everything psychological and biological, this is My Shadow and Me. We continue our series of shows based on simplifying our health with our latest show, ?Healthy Habits w/Benefits?. With healthy behaviors, comes healthy habits, but nothing worth having is ever easy. We'll be discussing the benefits of forming healthy habits, specifically, how that can affect our brains and biology as a whole. Beyond just this, our discussion will tackle the topics of what it takes to achieve our health goals and how sacrifice, hard-work, and patience are vital components to achieving anything worth having. Please join our host, Nick Mehrnoosh, and his Producer Dale, as they attempt to thoughtfully convey these important messages.
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Tonight's guest EMILY Sullivan and I will be discussing this topic in a new light! It goes way beyond my saying that you must be able to flip the hero switch since it goes deep into the recesses of one's mind. The primary premise is that we, as... more

Evelyn Cavanaugh Moore born in 1924 passed away from Alzheimer's in 2014 at age 90. A USMC veteran (1950-55) she achieved the rank of Sergeant. She was as highly motivated in her old age as she was when she joined the Corps.... more

Dream Catchers - Igniting your Flame - Les Paul and Tai Campbell & Friends When I had my 1st TBI/AVM - Brain Aneurism I had had to struggle just to get up only to sit back down in pain, and fear for a very long time! I had a very hard... more

Brain Injury Support groups save lives, build communities and give meaning to a life affected by brain injury Many who think about groups, think it may just be coffee and a donut but they are so much more than that, groups for many are... more

Mindfulness. Relating Assertively. 5 R's of Stress Management. Recognizing Thoughts, Feelings. Problem Solving. And so many much needed skills to be a Human Being, to be a person. Once the brain is scrambled by a TBI or any brain... more

I'm proud to announce my partnership with the great Brain Injury Radio Team on Blogtalkradio... I will be doing a show there called Late Night with Joeygiggles every Saturday Night 10-1 am EST... Please join me for great guests, lots... more

It was a little over four years ago, Aug 17, 2011, when Kevin donned his Marine Corps Dress Blues, assembled his M-16 and place his forehead on the barrel of it before having his first real "WTF?" moment. Kevin almost ended his TBI LIFE... more

Hells to the Yeah a show for today's youth living with disabilities Those who are looking for their dreams of living a great, independant life join in today's youth as they explore this in a way they decide, check them out

Fantastic Frank/Dream Catchers 2 separate shows back to back tonight. Dream Catchers 1 to 1.5 hours into the show... 2 shows Tonight Fantasic Frank 1st followed by Dream Catchers 1 to 1.5 hours into show. Brent Fuse about TBI... more

Why Medicare Won't Pay For Brain Injury Rehab Join in as DJ dives into this issue that nobody even thinks about this. But those survivors going through the Medicare system know to well how hard it is to get any rehabilitation services,... more
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