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Brain Injury is the number one cause of death and disability in children and adults under 40. There are at least 6 million living with this sinister disability, yet unknown. It is a life long journey for these survivors they make up the majority of those in prison and homeless. This show are those brave men and women who share there story with the 2 million new new survivors, they try to get people to understand, but it is difficult to understand what you can't see. It has become a civil rights movement, not from slavery or persecution but the mere right to exists. With the right support many survivors have become better than the old person, and yes they do become someone completely new in many cases. Join us nightly as you hear topics for the real experts those living with and succeeding against all odds. yet no one knows because they look just like you

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Tonight, Fantastic Frank interviews Michael Segal. He doesn't want to be perceived as handicapped, disabled, limited or as a hero. A triumphant survivor of tragedy perhaps. Most importantly, he wants to be known as an individual who is concerned with home, families, and children. Mike wishes to be known as one dedicated to community, education and independence for all people. He is active in creating positive social change. The humility of Michael Segal personifies a desire to achieve success without accolades or pity. Michael Segal inspires everyone he meets to believe that lives can be changed and goals can be accomplished though hard work and positive thinking. His noteworthy accomplishments have been featured on national television, in newspapers, and magazine articles. Fantastic Frank, born Frank R. Johnson, is the epitome of perseverance. As a young man, he was a successful chemical engineer and entrepreneur. One day while he was at the height of enjoying success, everything changed irreversibly when he was trapped in a fire, brought out in a body bag and his life changed forever. As a result, he incurred a Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI). It was necessary for him to re-learn everything; including how to walk and talk. Now he is motivated to inspire millions. Every day Frank meets his challenges, and is fueled with a passion to help others with his engaging, creative manner which is awe inspiring to everyone he meets. Some of Fantastic Frank's significant accomplishments consist of publishing a comic book, ?The Young Explorers ©? and as a motivational speaker, he captivates and touches audiences like no other. Frank is an internationally published author and the host of two BlogTalkRadio shows and he will show you how to overcome ANY obstacle. Visit his website at
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Nancy is outreach coordinator w MAPcc

Tonight Show should be one of great importance and meaning to everyone! Josephine has been one of my dearest friends for 15 years! Josephine unexpectedy died and went to heaven this week, and while the two remaining... more

Let's talk about art! Whether you're an artist or not, life with a brain injury takes a ton of creativity. I left my career as a rehabilitation clinician and became an artist after a TBI in 2010. The arts saved me by giving me a community and a way to... more

A TIME FOR REFLECTION Just finished up our most popular event we do, hoopfest yesterday, and today makes the official end of our fiscal year but we have been broke for a couple months, and many of the popular things... more

America's 4th of July Day, or as fellow Hoosier John Mellencamp called it - Justice and Independence - is before us. Let's talk about Holiday gatherings, the sparkles, booms and fireworks, the children laughing, people talking while we sit... more

THIS WEEK: Fun in the Sun: Playing it ?Safe? after a TBI Watermelon, BBQ, hotdogs, and ice-cream…swimming pools, bikinis, flip flops and towels….gardening, picnics, flowers and naps under shade... more

Tonight Fantastic Frank interviews David Grant. A survivor of a harrowing cycling accident in 2010, David is the author of Metamorphosis, Surviving Brain Injury. His book details the first year-and-a-half of David's life after sustaining a traumatic... more

Tonight I am going to be asking everyone to put on their collective thinking caps and help me create a list of what it takes for each of us to become as Independent as possible while at the same time dare you all to be different and... more

"Attention is a mental control system that lets you adjust how hard you think about something. Because brain damage weakens attention, a good recovery depends on deliberately thinking a bit harder about many things. There is a... more

My name is Lori Purdy Faitel. I am a SURVIVOR of a traumatic Brain Injury/TBI which happened in a car accident back in 1986. This show airs on the 2nd & 4th Wednesday's of each month, listen to different techniques used to create you... more
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