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Brain Injury is the number one cause of death and disability in children and adults under 40. There are at least 6 million living with this sinister disability, yet unknown. It is a life long journey for these survivors they make up the majority of those in prison and homeless. This show are those brave men and women who share there story with the 2 million new new survivors, they try to get people to understand, but it is difficult to understand what you can't see. It has become a civil rights movement, not from slavery or persecution but the mere right to exists. With the right support many survivors have become better than the old person, and yes they do become someone completely new in many cases. Join us nightly as you hear topics for the real experts those living with and succeeding against all odds. yet no one knows because they look just like you

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Wednesday August 27th at 8PM Eastern Standard Time, 7 Central, 6 Mountain & 5 Pacific My name is Lori Purdy Faitel and I am a Traumatic Brain Injury Survivor. And I am your host for THE SCIENCE OF HAPPINESS.I suffered a TBI many years ago, when I was 24 years old. As I speak to you I am 52 years old and very happy to share my age. Like many of us survivors of brain injury; I was clinically dead 3 times so…. it is proper to tell that I almost did not live to be 25, which makes being over 50 a blessing! Back in the day, everything in my life was a dream come true. I was almost 25 years old, had a recent promotion in business which inspired me with dreams for my future, and I was attending college at night, I had recently moved out of my parents home for the first time, I had many friends and I was on the fast track to a future with the man I had been in love with for about 5 years. THEN on a beautiful sunny spring morning as I drove on the freeway to my job; a construction truck dropped bales of hay onto my windshield causing me to lose control of my car. I spun off the road and into cement construction material. From that point forward my dreams were taken away. I was diagnosed with a TBI, in a mild coma for 7 days and it took about 6 years of therapy and extensive study before I was able to function like an adult again. I understand that the world is not filled with happiness; But for an hour or so lets concentrate on things that help to create happiness. My guest will be Scott Transue ?I am a Non-Attorney Representative, so I would like to provide my contact information and website address during the show. I can also offer a free downloadable guide on tips for submitting a successful disability application to Social Security.? I expect this show to have valuable information.
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Are you tired and weary and feeling downright frustrated, angry, and fed up with the DIS in Disability Well if you are come visit with us the Dream Catchers and be part of the team for inclusion for all survivors and hey we value your input... more

OH Shit Hosted by, Craig Sicilia Come take a walk on the beach on the pacific ocean, live from the BEST (Brain Energy Support Team) TBI Camp at Dashpoint on the pacific ocean. I will gather some survivors who want to chat at camp... more

Segment 2 of Donna's story of David's Traumatic Brain Injury and their journey through the TBI maze. Every TBI survivor and caregiver has encountered a fork in the road that has diverted his or her life-plan. A car accident, a fall from the... more

Early in my "radio career" (stop laughing!), do you remember when they chopped on my leg? Depending on which time, I sure do. Danged scar tissue from my Brain seemed to cause QUITE a backslide. Or, did it? I refuse to lose, period.... more

Want a place to hang & listen to some good tunes...Maybe chat a little as we roll into Sunday? Another Sat Nite and I Ain't got Nobody... Sing Along! See you there.

Join Shannon Marie for some great chat and help with adjusting our attitudes!!! We will be discussing author B.J. Gallagher's book titled, "The Power of Positive Doing", which covers getting good at getting results. We will also delve into... more

THIS WEEK: The Emotional Roller Coaster! Many of us with Brain Injuries rarely recongize we're not the same as we were before our Brain Injuries. Predomainantly, because those around us, fail to acknowledge it, especially if... more

How does family view brain injury? Please call in to discuss your experiences. _________________________ If you aren't a survivor, do you know someone who had a stroke, tumor, or head injury? Did you understand? How did you... more

Philectrifying Phil Vanaria speaks about having a fulfilling life. Even though he has a traumatic brain injury. Fantastic Frank, born Frank R. Johnson, is the epitome of perseverance. As a young man, he was a successful chemical... more

Children are at high risk for brain injuries. The fall off changing tables, they are dropped by parents and other loved ones they are unsteady on their feet and therefore tend to fall down and hurt their fragile developing brains. Because... more
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