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America Upside Down with Craig Sicilia

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I think the US has lost its mind.  Being a independent I guess I have a more objective view than someone tied into either party.  In the past I have only voted for a demacrate president not because I was demacrate but I believee I was voting for the best candadate.  This year I have done the same thing.  I would have never voted for Hillary and I venture to say that I will never regret.  If berny would have been the candadate my descission might have been different. 

As I watch whats going on I will never vote democrate we need another party they are litterally destroying their own party.  The hate and spoiled attitude you are seeing is crazy and america is seing it most cant believe it.  The rich and famous are getting millions worked up but what these worked up people are not seeing they are having the average posible democrated voter looking at this and going OMG. 

I did a poll all throught the election almost from day one and it was always close between trump and berny in our polls clinton wasn’t even in the top 5.  I thought I was polling wrong we took out the double and like 100 votes from an ip in indiana and it was berny neck and neck with trump and when berny was out it was trump all the way.  We estimated a 60% electorial win.  Just did a sample poll after all this junkj and its not a 90%  trump

And the tens of millions this soros guy is putting in to causing this civil disrest and all the damage people are doing.  And they wont even listen to someone who don’t aggree with them.  Instanity or what.  I don’t know but a civil war is in the works the demacrats are going to cause it.