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Brain Injury Radio

Brain Injury Radio


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Sinister just begins to scratch the surface of what a brain injury is like.  Imagine you essence being taken over by aliens and you are trapped inside your body with them and you see, hear and think everything that is going on the inside of you.  Except it happens in slow motion and plays the highlights over and over again to maximize pain. .  

Here is the big kicker you look like you, you look fine, and you try to be fine but you will crash again and again.  People you were close to begin to think your psychotic even crazy.  You don’t make it any easier by blurting out every random thought that comes to mind.  And this whole time you hardly even notice it, you try like hell to be fine.  But you just keep crashing and crashing.  You have seizures that cloud your mind more, you hear like a humming and crickets in your ears you develop super hearing to where you can hear incest’s feet pitter padded. 

Stimulation like sound, light, smells and more put you over the top, and all the while you look fine but you are not who you were and you are trying to put on the act of a live time.  To try to be you.  In time you will forget who you were, and not even care.  But the people you once knew will be a constant reminder of someone you once knew and they will all think you’re an odd duck and keep their distance.

This is the beginning journey of brain injury as it gets worse for what seems to be a life time.  But somehow you gained these super powers to survive.  It is not your time so you carry on doing the best you can.  Many times a lone, isolated and in pain.  We are not alone there are so many survivors reach out find each other.