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ELECTRO MAGNETIC SMOG (EMFs) Dream Catchers with Les Paul

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We are being attacked by electromagnetic fields in ways that has never happened in our country’s history!!! During the past several weeks, I have discovered that we are being bombarded by electromagnetic energy, in all directions in our homes and our workplace, in our schools, even at the water meter!

It’s quite unbelievable if the facts and evidence want right before our very eyes hidden in plain sight that it everywhere with little or no oversight. I just recently discovered that in both Aiken, SC and Augusta, GA very close to where I live, local governments are spending millions to increase and expand Wi-Fi to cover large portions of the area that were not covered before.

I love Wi-Fi! I love cell phones, and other wireless devices, but the simple fact is they emit microwave radiation much like a microwave oven, which is devastating to the human brain, and body and a list of symptoms and complaints from cancer, to leukemia, to birth defects, and tumors and on and on is just overwhelming, and yet no one is complaining. Honestly, I may appear to be a full to the listeners. Yet all I ask you is to listen.

There are ways to lower this magnetic smog that is being emitted everywhere, which is especially alarming to children and can cause considerable increase in risk of harm in them!

I hope I’m crazy like a Fox because in the real world. The foxes been allowed to go into the hen house and unleash electromagnetic radiation in a way that if it was nuclear radiation America and the world would be extremely alarmed and yet we sit silent wake up America!